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Wow! Magazine Fall 2008 Contest

Wow! Magazine Fall 2008 Contest

Wow! Magazine Fall 2008 Contest

Wow! Magazine Fall 2008 Contest

Wow! Magazine Fall 2008 Contest

Flash Fiction Contest!

Wow! Magazine Fall 2008 Contest

Long Ridge Writers Group

Wow! Magazine Fall 2008 Contest

Wow! Magazine Fall 2008 Contest

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Romance is…

A feeling associated with love, an ideal, a notion with deeper meaning...and really tough to define! The romance genre is branching out into many shapes and sizes, many subgenres, many audiences. In fact, it’s the most flexible genre out there.

Before I started working on this issue, I thought that I’d never write a “romance” or read one. And I quickly found out I was wrong. Romance has evolved. So many subgenres fall under the “romance novel” category—everything from historical to chick lit!

I’ve learned that paranormal and science fiction romance novels are hot markets, and erotic fiction is not what it used to be. There was always this big taboo toward erotic romance...but it’s not like that anymore. Now, those novels are all about empowering the heroine. Go figure!

I guess I’ve been out of the loop. I’ve probably written romantic short stories and have not even known what market I was writing for.

So, in appreciation of February, the month for lovers, WOW! celebrates the incredibly flexible romance writer. We define what romance writing is, and relish in one of the fastest growing markets out there, as well as the women who are behind the keyboard.

A big, warm, thank you goes out to our freelancers:

To Allie Boniface for her in-depth article, Today’s Romance Novel: It’s Not Your Mother’s Bodice Ripper Anymore. This is the flagship article of the issue. Allie reveals the latest trends and market changes in the romance genre, by using publishers’ and experts’ quotes, and recapping how the genre has grown throughout the past decades to those that may have been out of the loop (ahem, I clear my throat). Super job, Allie! Please excuse the goofy header. It was my attempt at being comical. LOL.

And to Katherine Turcotte, a first-time freelancer for WOW! Welcome! We adore your interview with Gena Showalter. This was a super fun and lively read—one not to miss! After learning about Gena and visiting her blog, I absolutely adore her spirit, and know that she’s ultra-WOW!-ish, and rocks!

Another HUGE thank you goes out to our intern and contributing writer, Margo Dill, for her 20 Questions Interview with Bobbi Smith.  Bobbi is the queen of the western romance, and you’ll see why. Just viewing her page makes you want to read more! (The header graphic is from one of her books...yummy!)

C. Hope Clark goes all out with Romancing the Contest. Not only with her fun-loving pics that we adore (the header is my fave), but with a ton of info about the romance market, the genre, and the thing that you’re looking for the most—romance writing contests!

To our long-time favorite erotic romance novelist, Kathryn Jordan, for her fun article How 2 Break All the Rules & Still Have a Hot Novel. Kathryn writes directly to you, the reader, and shares her personal experiences, as well as some romance-writing tips that are not to miss. Welcome back Kathryn! 

Another long-time contributor and WOW! Alumni member, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, interviews Dallas Woodburn for our Inspiration Column. This is a delight because Carolyn is Dallas’ mentor! Get some insight into their relationship, and learn how Dallas is changing the world for young writers by giving them hope.


You may have noticed a couple of changes in this issue: the absence of two columns—Freelancer’s Corner, and Review. These columns are temporarily on hold.

We apologize for all those that have queried specifically to these columns. In our yearly review, we’ve noticed that these are the least trafficked columns. Currently, we are reviewing which columns are receiving the most traffic.

So, in order to help keep our freelance marketplace alive and thriving, we’re urging that you visit the columns and features that you enjoy the most, daily. By doing this, you’re securing the position of more freelance opportunities and jobs for women, now, and in the future. In a nutshell, that’s how it works. Your traffic enables us to support you.

Special Thanks:

To Sue Eberling, our Must-Haves Columnist, and WOW!’s Contest Manager: Talk about some fabu selections for our Must Haves this month! Sue helps heat up our holiday with romantic treasures and romantic sparks for writers.

Congratulations goes out to Annette Fix on the launch of her memoir, The Break-Up Diet. Annette reveals all in her feature interview, The Hungry Writer’s Journey on The Break-Up Diet. This interview is not to miss...and you’ll see why!

Special thanks goes out to Whitney Lyles, my interviewee, for making First Comes Love...Then Comes Whitney Lyles a must-read! Whitney is a sweetheart—her answers are as honest as her writing. You’re going to fall in love with both her writing, and with Whitney—I guarantee it!






Angela Miyuki Mackintosh is Publisher, CEO, and Art Director of WOW! Women On Writing. She has been published in Maxim, Transworld Surf and Skate, Vice Magazine, and numerous trade publications for the action-sports industry. She is an award-winning artist whose works have been commissioned for public art by the city of Long Beach, and has received grants from Funds for Women.

Angela lives in Placentia, California with her husband, Michael, and her cat, Noodle.


Annette Fix is Senior Editor of WOW! Women On Writing. She began her writing career hawking her feature film spec scripts in Hollywood, nearly killed her muse by working as a freelance copywriter for various boring companies, and finally found her way to narrative writing, which feels like “dancing naked in a field of flowers” compared to her previous writing ventures. Annette is an author and a spoken-word storyteller who regularly performs in L.A. theaters. Annette's memoir, The Break-Up Diet is available in bookstores and online.

She lives in Southern California with her husband, her son, and two dogs.





Boy, romance writers have it tough! It seems that aside from pumping out books, there aren’t many other high-paying markets to which you can submit your work. And we all know that crafting a novel takes a huge block of time, so I tried to find some markets that you could submit to in the interim. We all need some recognition to keep our dreams alive and fan our novel-writing flame.

Short Story Markets for Romance Writers:

(Note: the following markets are not endorsed by WOW! Be sure to check out writers’ boards and discussion groups for success rates when submitting to these publications.)


Androids2 (adult)

Writer’s Guidelines: Your story must be a "Sci-Fi" Romance. It must be written in the pulp-Fiction style of the 1920s to 1970s. 

We would like your story to have at least one steamy lovemaking scene. Please refrain from being too graphic and limit the use of four letter words.

Your story must have a strong well thought out plot that will capture your readers attention and well-developed rounded characters the readers will fall in love with.

We like our stories to have non-stop action. Your story has to be believable. Do not send poetry.

Length: Story length should be in the 1,500 to 3,500 word range. Do not send us a story less than 1000 words or longer than 4000 words.

Pay: $25 per story

Submission Guidelines: Send submissions as a WORD attachment in your email to:

The first page of your story must contain:
1. A cover letter telling us what your story is about. 
2.  The name of The Story 
3. Your name, both real and as you wish it published.
4. Your address, both email and physical
5. A Short Bio and a word count. 
6. Number your Pages
7. Date your submission.
8. Stay in touch with us by email

Full Guidelines:


Big Pulp

Writer’s Guidelines: Romance: We've received lots of poetry, very little fiction. Be warned -  we have found ourselves to be quite picky on romantic fiction.  Don't take it personally. We definitely don't want formula woman-meets-unattainable-male  fantasies (or vice versa) but we also aren't especially interested  in how badly you were treated by your ex (just saying...) Like  pornography, we'll know it when we see it. Like pornography,  we would like to see more of it.

Length: Up to 2,500 words. Please query for pieces greater than 10,000 words.

Pay: $.01 cent per word

Rights: We ask for first North American serial rights. Reprints may be considered, but please query first. You must have the rights to your work. We prefer not  to publish work posted online or archived elsewhere.

Submission Guidelines: E-mail your submissions  to In your subject line, enter the genre you are interested in submitting  to - ex: "Submission : Romance". Please be aware that  if your submission has elements of multiple genres, the editors  may assign it to any "department" they consider the  best fit and where room allows.

Written submissions must be sent electronically in MS Word as an attachment to your e-mail. Please use normal paragraph breaks, double-space and use Courier or Times New Roman 12 point as your font. Submissions that can't  be opened or are sent in the incorrect format will be returned.

We do not accept hard copy submissions,  nor submissions embedded in the body of an e-mail.

Response time: written submissions: 6-8 weeks from the date of receipt.

If we wish to publish your work,  we will contact you with a standard publication agreement.

Full Guidelines:


Dreams & Visions (Spiritual)

Writer’s Guidelines: we prefer stories with active writing and strong characterization, but we do not want to put any limits on an author's imagination. Give us your best work. Shake us up and rattle our old bones!

Although we are primarily interested in the spiritual aspects of your work, this need not be the overt subject matter of a good story. As a general rule, we prefer stories that lift up, rather than tear down. We love stories that offer redemption from the past and hope for the future. Our organization is based on orthodox Biblical interpretations of spirituality, but we will not consider rehashed Bible stories in modern or ancient garb. We expect authors to give us something we have never seen before—to portray spiritual truths in new, innovative or unique ways.

No literary genre is excluded from consideration by the editors. We have published metafiction, science fiction, romance, humor, fantasy, magic realism, as well as mainstream stories of a contemporary or inspirational nature.

Length: 2,000 – 6,000 words.

Pay: $.01 cent per word, up to $50.

Rights: Skysong Press does not buy exclusive rights of any kind.

Submission Guidelines: All submissions must include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient Canadian postage for a reply. From outside Canada, send a disposable manuscript with one U.S. dollar for a letter response. Do not send U.S. stamps! They have no value outside America. We do not accept submissions by email or by fax; however, we do accept simultaneous submissions and will consider previously published material.

Spiritual Fiction, Skysong Press
35 Peter St. S.
Orillia, ON
L3V 5A8
PH: 705-329-1770
Fax:  705-329-1770

Response time: 1 – 3 months.

Full Guidelines:


Haruah: Breath of Heaven (Spiritual)

Writer’s Guidelines: Haruah, accepts literary and mainstream fiction, flash fiction (under 1000 words), poetry, inspirational stories and personal essays. We will also consider exceptional work that falls under mainstream genre fiction (historical, romance, mystery).

Length: Fiction: under 1,000 words. Poetry: any length.

Pay: $5 flash fiction, $2 poetry.

Rights: Haruah is published both as an Internet magazine and a print magazine. Primarily, the print version will include only fiction, poetry, stories, and illustrations. On rare occasion, we may solicit essays and other articles to be included.

Haruah, therefore, will contract with the author to secure rights in a variety of ways. Depending on how a submission will be used, we may ask for:
•  One-time Electronic Publication Rights, for publication in the English language. (Internet format)
•  Non-exclusive Print Publication Rights, for publication in the English language. (Print format)

Rights may be requested in any one or combination of the above.

Submission Guidelines: We rely on on-line submissions. We do not accept email or postal mail submissions. The process is fairly easy. Start with the following link and proceed as directed:

Full Guidelines:


Quantum Kiss (Romantic Speculative Fiction)

Writer’s Guidelines: Quantum Kiss is a journal of Romantic Speculative Fiction.

The stories must have two things: a solid speculative element and a strong romantic element.  Both of these things have to be central to the plot and characters.  It can't be a romance story with the setting changed from Iowa to Mars or a space opera with a hot love scene thrown in as an afterthought. The foundation of the tale must be rooted in the love story, the romance aspect, because that is what our readers come here to read.  Above all, what we want is really great stories that are 100% character driven. Send us a story that makes us root for, sympathize with, and care for the characters and we are sure to like it.

Length: We will take stories up to 10,000 words in length, but since they will be read on a computer screen we think short is better, so those 5,000 words or under stand a better chance of getting in.

Pay: $10 flat fee. Also, each story will be presented with a PayPal donations button, so that readers may tip the writer directly.

Rights: We are seeking web-publishing rights only, and after the story is cycled into the Archive section, we'll reassign these rights back to the author upon request. You are free to continue marketing your story in other venues as you see fit.

Submission Guidelines: All short story submissions of more than 1,000 words must be in Standard Manuscript Format. That means 12-point type, double-spaced, black on white, ragged right margins; author's name and contact information on the TOP of the first page; and  name, page number, and story name as a header every page thereafter.

Attach your submission to an e-mail message in .rtf (Rich Text Format) and submit it to: Put the words "FICTION SUBMISSION" in the subject field.

Full Guidelines:


The Rose & Thorn (ezine)

Writer’s Guidelines: (Mainstream, Romance, Fantasy/SF, Horror) We look for compelling and thought-provoking fiction. Use all aspects of good writing in your stories, including dynamic characters, strong narrative voice, and a riveting and original plot.  A personable and confident overall tone will ensure you make the first cut toward publication. We have eclectic tastes so go ahead and give us a shot.

Length: up to 2,000 words.

Pay: $5 flat fee. Payment by PayPal.

Rights: You retain full rights to your work under U.S. copyright law and it remains your own copyrighted property.

Submission Guidelines: Fiction submissions should be copied and pasted into the body of an email and sent to B.A.Quinn with the word: SUBMISSION typed in the subject line of the email. Please do not send attachments to email.  We will accept URLs that point to your submission in html format.

Full Guidelines:


Sniplits (short stories)

Writer’s Guidelines: At Sniplits, we're simply crazy about short stories. We think more of them should be published, and we've decided to do something about it. So, we're working furiously toward launching as a new short story publisher. Our goal is to make Sniplits the single best place to find wonderful, short tales for downloading to your MP3 player, cellphone or whatever. We're accepting and reviewing manuscripts now, and we welcome the work of new as well as established authors.

Length: Stories between 50 and 10,000 words

Pay: $30 - $150 paid on publication. Royalty potential.

Submission Guidelines:

- E-mail your manuscript to: 
- Include your name, address, email and phone number in the header on each page
- Preferred fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, Courier
- Double space; use 1-inch margins
- Include a brief bio with writing credits

Response time: We'll read your story and respond within 4 months.

Full Guidelines:


Chick Flicks Ezine

Writer’s Guidelines: Chick Flicks, an ezine that fills a void in publishing. We're looking for well-written stories and essays that are moody, dark, real, gritty. Stories about internal conflict juxtaposed against external demands, about real life people coming to terms--good or bad--with themselves and their choices. You don't have to be a woman to submit to Chick Flicks; your characters need not even be women. We want emotion and honesty and engaging journeys from point A to point B and beyond. Send us pieces with less-spoken, but common universal truths. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us hurt in the deepest, darkest parts of our souls, but most of all, be honest, raw, real. Please read our current issue and archived issues to get a feel for our tastes.

Length: Fiction: 2,000 words or less.

Pay: $10 upon publication for the top two stories of each issue.

Rights: one-time publishing rights and reserve the right for future inclusion in any print or e-book publication. All rights revert to the writer.

Submission Guidelines: Fiction: Some exceptions may be made, but please send a query letter first to O'Hare, Taylor Publications for stories over our word limit. There will be no exceptions unless queried first. We mostly publish literary works but will accept any genre, including romance and erotica, as long as we're moved by the writing.

Attach your work as a word.doc file or an RTF and mail to ATTENTION--please do not send your work pasted into the body of an email because some of the pieces become garbled or oddly formatted when imbedded in an email.

The subject line of your submission email must include the following: "Fiction Submission: title / correct word count". The body of your submission email must include the following: a brief cover letter, your name, your email address, and a one hundred word bio written in the third person.

Full Guidelines:


MindFlights (Spiritual)

Writer’s Guidelines: Currently needs Fantasy, Religious, SF, YA (adventure, fantasy/SF, mystery, romance)

Length: average: 3,500 words, short stories average length 1,100 words.

Pay: 1/2 cent (US) per word with a minimum of $5.00 and a maximum of $25.00. Authors and artists whose works appear in the print version will also receive one contributor copy.

Submission Guidelines: Please submit via web site through online submission system.  Responds to queries in 1 week. Responds to mss in 6 weeks. Considers previously published submissions, multiple submissions. 

We accept ONLY on-line submissions.

The process is fairly easy:
You will be required to provide and confirm a valid e-mail address.
You will set up a submission tool password to protect your submission account. 

Full Guidelines:


The Summerset Review (Literary)

Writer’s Guidelines: Summerset Review is a quarterly magazine that was established in 2002.  Currently in need of fantasy, humor/satire, literary, romance.

Length: up to 8,000 words.

Pay: $25 per story.

Rights: writers retain all rights to use their work elsewhere; however, we reserve the right to republish the material, without modification, in a nonprofit print volume.

Submission Guidelines: Email submissions to as an attachment in MS Word, or as plain text. We suggest you include the word "Submission" in the title of the email, so that we don't mistake it for junk mail. Be sure you specify whether your piece is fiction or nonfiction. We prefer single-spaced manuscripts in font size 11, but this is not an absolute requirement.

Full Guidelines:


E-Publishers for Romance Writers:

(Note: the following markets are not endorsed by WOW! Be sure to check out writers’ boards and discussion groups for success rates when submitting to these publications.)

Some of these publishers accept short stories as well, but I didn’t put them into the category above because they don’t use the same business model. These are publishers that pay you by royalties. I made sure that none of the ones listed charged any fees for electronic publishing. Please visit their websites for complete terms & conditions.

Aphrodite’s Apples

Romance, Romantic Erotica, Historicals, Supernaturals,  contemporary and mythological fantasy collections. Royalties are 40% of the retail price, and 10% for  POD and print runs.

Aphrodite Unlaced

Erotica and erotic romance: 1,000 to  75,000 words and above. Royalties are 35% of the cover price.

Artemis Press

Feminist and lesbian publisher, currently accepting submissions in all categories, fiction and nonfiction. Royalties are 30% of the download price, and 15% on POD editions. One year contract for electronic rights, renewable, and it has an auditing clause.

Aspen Mountain Press

Romance: Cross-genre love stories: a love story, plus significant elements of another genre that may include alternative lifestyles. These may range from sweet romances to hot erotica. 10,000 – 90,000 words. Royalties: 35%.

Asylett Press

Romance: romance between the hero and heroine are integral to the story. Explicit sex is acceptable as long as it fits naturally within the scene. Word Count: 75,000 to 150,000 words. 40% royalty based on download price.

Awe-Struck E-Books

Romance, Science Fiction, Erotica. 30 – 35% of sales price.

Black Velvet Seductions

Open to new and established authors  in all kinds of Romance. Their lines are Forbidden Experiences, Sensuous Journeys, Tender  Destinations, Amorous Adventures, Short Story Collections.

Bold Strokes

Bold Strokes Books  offers a diverse collection of top-selling lesbian fiction with the  goal of incorporating the exciting new trends in romance, action,  adventure, mystery, sci-fi/fantasy/horror, and erotica while preserving the integrity of the traditional genres. No simultaneous submissions. Decisions is 10-12 weeks. 45,000-150,000 words preferred.

Carnal Desires Publishing

Erotic Romance with a riveting plot. Minimum length is 20,000 words, 90,000 maximum. Royalties of 35% of the cover price for ebooks sold at the site, 35% of net for other sales, and 10% for POD sales. They take digital rights only, for five years.

Cerridwen Press

Contemporary, Fantasy, Futuristic/SF, Historical, Horror, Humor, Mystery/Suspense, Paranormal, Women’s Fiction, and many Romance categories.

Cobblestone Press

Electronic publisher of sensual and erotic Romance with many subdivisions. Royalties are 35% of the cover price, paid monthly. They take electronic rights  for one year. Five general lengths: Trysts 10,000-20,000 words;  novella 20,000-40,000; novels 40,000-65,000; full novel 65,001-100,000, Vignette 5,000–10,000.

Eternal Press

They have all subgenres of Romance. Royalties 35% for ebook, 10% POD. Novels 65,000 to 105,000 words, Novellas 10,000 to 35,000, Stories 5,000-6,500 words.


All genres. 50% of actual sale price of book, plus a $15 one-time charge to convert it to ten formats. Report of good sales. Do not send them material; query first.

Forbidden Publications

Erotic and non-erotic Romance. All lengths from 5,000 to 100,000 words. 40% royalties on the cover price.

Integrity Tech Publishing

Romance, both Futuristic and Historical, SF, Fantasy, nonfiction. 50% royalties based on cover price, paid monthly. Either party can terminate with two weeks notice.

Liquid Silver

Romances, all genres. Send the first three chapters and a synopsis with a cover letter about your writing background, why you are interested in doing erotica romance, and your thoughts on epublishing. They will respond in a day and treat you right if they want your novel. Royalties are 40% on retail sales, paid quarterly.

Loose ID LLC

Cross-genre love stories with a high degree of sensuality. 20,000 to 13,000 words. They take electronic rights only, for two years. Royalties are 35% paid monthly.

Mundania Press

Romance, all genres. Royalties: 50% electronic, 15% on hard copies, paid quarterly.

Red Rose Publishing

All variations of Romance and Erotic Romance. Authors must be 18 or older. Sliding scale for royalties: 40% first 300, 45% next 200, 50% above 500.

Resplendence Publishing

Romantic fiction, both in electronic and print format. Also looking for Romantic suspense, Paranormal, Historical, Erotic, Contemporary, and Horror. 12,000 to 90,000 words. 40% royalties on e-publication, 7% on print books.

Renaissance E-Books

Romantic fiction with splashes of erotica. Lengths are 30,000 to 100,000 words, for first or second electronic rights for one year. 40% royalty paid quarterly.

Samhain Publishing

Romantic fiction, all genres. Royalties of 40% of the cover price. Allow 4-6 weeks for reply. Currently, they are not accepting submissions due to the holidays, but check back. Preferred word count is 60,000 or longer, but they are quite happy to publish shorter works with word counts of no less than 12,000.


Romantic fiction, all sub-genres in ebook and print formats, specializing in romance and erotic fiction. Lengths range from 5,000 to 10,000 words.

Tantalizing Tales

Romantic erotica. Royalties of 35% of the cover price of ebooks, paid every second month for the first year, monthly thereafter. Length 15,000 to 50,0000 words.

UKG Publishing

A group of independent writers, artists, and proofreaders who set up a self-publishing business. They charge no upfront fees, rarely reject anyone, and pay up to 80% to the author.

Virtual Tales

They publish novels in  installments of 1,500 to 2,500 words in a variety of fiction genres,  but not erotica. The split  for subscription proceeds is 60% for the author, 20% for the editor, 10% for the cover artist, and 10% for site maintenance. 

Note: WOW! interviewed the business manager of Virtual Tales, Sheri Gormley, which you can read here:


Erotic romance: spicy, sensual love stories that leave the reader breathless. Intense plots, spicy males, strong heroines, sizzling dialogue. 35,000 words or less, minimum 10,000.

The Wild Rose Press

Romance, all subgenres, all lengths. Electronic and print. Royalties around 40%.


Looking for premium markets? Visit our Markets Page and subscribe to Premium-Green for the freshest markets to hit your inbox monthly!


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