Saturday, January 23, 2010


New Community: The WM Freelance Connection

Seven women have joined together to start a blog and a Google group about freelance writing. It's called The WM Freelance Connection; and if you haven't checked them out yet, make some time this weekend! They started out as the "Writing Mommies," that's where the "WM" comes from, but they have resources for anyone who's freelancing--well, anyone human that is. ;) Here is some of the information they have to offer on their site:

  • Daily blog posts: This blog is full of information for freelancers. Here are some of the recent titles: "Tips for Using the Writers' Market," "Increase Your Chance of Winning a Writing Contest," "Let's Talk about Press Passes," and "Writing Opportunity: Plum Magazine."
  • Quick Links: They have several pages to this site, and some of the titles are: "Writing Opportunities: Paying Gigs and Writing Contests," "Money Tips for Freelance Writers," "Social Networking Ideas," and "Freelance Writing News and Ideas."
  • Join the WM Google Group: I like this group because they are very positive and happy! Also, they give you writing prompts, and they hold contests where your work can be shared with other members of the Google group. It is super simple to join the group to see if you like it. Just scroll down on the home page of the website to where it says join the Google group, put in your e-mail, and subscribe!
  • Writers' Unblock Tool: Further on down the left-hand side of the site, they have a "Writers' Idea Bank." This is a tool that randomly generates story ideas from Mode Room Press. If you are ever stuck for a story idea, you could check this out. It may not be the exact story you're looking for, but you just never know what could give you some ideas!
I hope you will check out The WM Freelance Connection, founded by Alyssa Ast and Angela Atkinson. At WOW!, we are all about brilliant women starting supportive and encouraging places for other women (okay and men, too:) to relax and become better writers!

A couple other things. . .

PREMIUM GREEN (WOW!'s Market E-book Subscription):
For just $4.00 a month, you can subscribe to one of the best resources on the market. Okay, so I admit I am a little biased; but seriously, women, who are members and who subscribe to this monthly market book (or win a subscription in one of the contests) and participate in the listserv, rave about it. This is only about $1.00 more a month than a Writers' Digest subscription (which is even more if you live in Canada--PG is the same no matter where you live). But a PG monthly e-book is around 160 pages of markets and articles--much more than WD. When I say markets, I mean MARKETS--fiction, nonfiction, business, niche, contests, anthologies, and women's. Angela does an awesome job. And we recently posted a sample PG listserv discussion. I am just so excited about Premium Green--that's why I always talk about it. :) (One more exciting thing--if you subscribe, you actually have access to all 27 previous issues, full of all those markets for no extra cost!)

WOW! Classes: In February, WOW! is offering these online classes. These are perfect for people who want to improve their writing or marketing skills, but need a flexible schedule!

Okay, ladies, I hope to see you on The WM Connection and Premium Green Google groups! Any questions about the classes, check out the WOW! classroom page or e-mail me at margo (at) (replace the (at) with @).

Margo Dill
Read These Books and Use Them

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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Last Chance to Enroll in 3 Classes!

We have two classes starting June 1st, and one starting June 2nd:



START DATE: Monday, June 1, 2009

DURATION: 10 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class is for beginning freelance writers or for those who are interested in becoming freelance writers. It includes all of the basics of freelance writing: overviews of the different fields in freelance writing, what is needed to begin, how to store ideas, where to get ideas, how much you should make, where to find clients, and how to get clients.

In this class, I am your writing mentor through every lesson and every assignment. Make some extra money with your writing or create your own full-time freelance career! Learn from my personal stories, information, resources, goals, activities, lessons, and assignments. This class will provide the you with the structure and guidance you need to Get Paid to Write. A certification will be given to those who pass the entire class.


by Janie Sullivan

START DATE: Monday, June 1, 2009

DURATION: 3 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Developing a character sketch for each character in the story is essential to the success of the story. The writer needs to know who the characters are, what they are thinking, and why they do the things they do in order to make them believable to the reader. This course will teach writers how to develop their characters so their readers will identify with them—whether or not they like them.


by Gila Green

START DATE: Tuesday, June 2, 2009

DURATION: 8 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Through writing exercises and classmate and instructor feedback we will delve into the fundamentals of short fiction with a view to publishable work. We will explore a variety of craft elements including: character, plot, point of view, description, dialogue, setting, pacing, voice and theme.

Course objectives:

  1. To complete at least one work that is publishable.
  2. To encourage you to read published short fiction including, short stories, personal essays and flash fiction (Fiction under 800 words).
  3. To increase your confidence and skills as a writer.
  4. To develop a foundation for the skills of crafting, editing, and revising.

Visit the Classes Page for full details:

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