Thursday, March 04, 2010


Spring Forward! Poetry Class Starts March 5th

I've always loved reading poetry--well-worn copies of Maya Angelou and Sylvia Plath's collected works sit on my bedside table. I even dabbled a bit in poetry over the years, filling journals with teen angst and later, musings on daily life. There's something about the form that is so inspiring. Being able to tell a whole story or capture a moment in time with only a few words is not an easy thing! Writing poetry can teach us about brevity, which is helpful for any fiction or non-fiction writer, and it certainly helps fuel creativity. I admire those who can do it professionally.

If you're interested in learning about poetry or would like to improve your craft, consider participating in Melanie Faith's poetry class: Spring Forward! Poetic Line, Breath & Vision. Melanie offers wonderful critiques for each of her student's poems, and many of her previous students enroll in her class again because they've found it so useful. Her class starts tomorrow, March 5, 2010, and runs for 5 weeks. If you'd like to participate, this is the last day for enrollments! Visit WOW's Classroom Page for complete details.

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Here's an essay about a young poet's journey through craft and the lessons along the way. Please read it at

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