Tuesday, July 29, 2008


An Active Process

I'm collecting stories about how successful writers get their ideas. Here's a good one for non-fiction writers:

"You can't sit there and wait for ideas to smash into you. It's not a passive process. So much of being a nonfiction writer is forcing yourself to find things to write about. It's an active process of looking at something in the newspaper, or some thing that's going around, and thinking, 'How do I feel about this?...Can I get anything out of this?...Can I push myself a little further on this topic?"
- Nora Ephron

Great advice--and stay tuned for more suggestions from the experts!


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Blogger Joanne said...

Great advice from a great author! Coming up with ideas is def not a passive activity. It's so important to be engaged with the media, society ...

5:32 PM  
Blogger Mali said...

annette thanks for your advice and your gift, thanks for taking the time out to write me a comment, i hope you liked my writting,you were my first comment and i appreciate it =)

12:36 PM  

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