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Fall 2014 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!

Summer 2014 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!

Spring 2014 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!

Fall 2013 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!

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The Winter 2015 Flash Fiction Contest is now closed and in judging. Thank you for your entries, and we wish you the best of luck this season! Please sign up for our e-mail newsletter (upper right hand corner, gray box) for contest announcements.

Stay tuned for WOW's Spring 2015 Flash Fiction Contest with guest judge Literary Agent Vicki Selvaggio of The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. Sponsored by BookBaby.



WOW! hosts a (quarterly) writing contest every three months. The mission of this contest is to inspire creativity, communication, and well-rewarded recognition to contestants. The contest is open globally; age is of no matter; and entries must be in English. We are open to all styles of writing, although we do encourage you to take a close look at our guest judge for the season (upper right hand corner) if you are serious about winning. We love creativity, originality, and light-hearted reads. That's not to say that our guest judge will feel the same... so go wild! Express yourself, and most of all, let's have some fun!


Maximum: 750

Minimum: 250

The title is not to be counted in your word count. We use MS Word's word count to determine the submitted entry's word count.



That’s right, this is your chance to shine, and get creative. You can write about anything, as long as it’s within the word count and fiction. So, dig out those stories you started way back when and tailor them to the word count.

We’re open to any style and genre. From horror to romance! So, get creative, and most of all, have fun.

Click to Download the SPRING 2015 FLASH FICTION Contest Terms & Conditions PDF


FALL: September - November 30th 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) - CLOSED

WINTER: December - February 28th, 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) - CLOSED

SPRING: March - May 31st, 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) - NOW OPEN!

SUMMER: June - August 31st, 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) - CLOSED

ENTRY FEE: $10.00

This is not a reading fee. Entry fees are used to award our 20 winners as well as administrative costs.

We are limiting the number of entries to a maximum of 300 stories. Please enter early to ensure inclusion. If we reach 300 entries, we will disable the PayPal buttons.

Buy Entry Only: $10.00 CLOSED

Buy Entry Only: $10.00

Have you entered WOW's contest before?
What's your story title?


Buy Entry with Critique: $20.00 CLOSED

Buy Entry with Critique: $20.00

ADDITIONAL OPTION: Due to popular demand, we now have two options for your entry. For an additional $10.00 you can purchase a critique of your contest entry.

Have you entered our contest before?
What's your story title?

Upon the close of our contest, and after the winners are announced, you will receive a critique from one of our round table judges on three categories:

  • Subject
  • Content
  • Technical

You will be provided with your scores (1-5) in each category, and personal editorial feedback for each category as well. There’s also an additional category that does not get scored: Overview. That is the general impression your story had on the reader. Please be patient upon the close of our contest and allow time for our editors to thoroughly critique your piece. We send out critiques after the contest winners are announced to ensure fairness.


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  • $350.00 cash prize

  • The Complete Publishing Package from BookBaby ($579 value), which includes: Print-On-Demand + worldwide distribution; eBook Conversion + worldwide distribution; 25 Custom-printed books. **Winner will be responsible for any cost over $579, this includes special book formatting, special layouts, page additions, book style changes, etc.

  • $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

  • Entry published on WOW! Women On Writing

  • Interview on the WOW! Women On Writing Blog


  • $250.00 cash prize

  • $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

  • Entry published on WOW! Women On Writing

  • Interview on the WOW! Women On Writing Blog


  • $150.00 cash prize

  • $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

  • Entry published on WOW! Women On Writing

  • Interview on the WOW! Women On Writing Blog



  • $20 Gift Certificate from Amazon

  • Name, state, and title entry published on WOW! Women On Writing

Click to Download the SPRING 2015 FLASH FICTION Contest Terms & Conditions PDF

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF. Download the latest version at

Please read the contest terms & conditions in full before submitting your entry. Please make sure you read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before sending us an email.

Please Note: Previous winners who placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd are allowed to reenter all contests!

Best of luck!


Fall 2014 Flash Fiction Contest

Summer 2014 Flash Fiction Contest

Spring 2014 Flash Fiction Contest

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“Thank you so much for my critique! Even though I didn’t win there was much valuable information shared that I know will make my story so much better. I will definitely take the guest judge’s suggestions to heart and rework my story to submit next time. This is the best critique I’ve ever received! Thank you for running such an organized contest and supporting women writers!”

- Stacey Ray, San Diego, California


“I received my prize package today and I can't stop saying "wow!” The goodies were AMAZING, and so much of it! I love everything, the shirt and the hat will be proudly worn when I kayak, and the adorable totes will be used for writing materials! A timer, a bookmark, such wonderful books. WOW! I just can't thank you enough.

Your site is so supportive and warm hearted, I feel like I have found the sisters I never had! Your personal attention to every detail makes it so special that I think even the most astute writer would have a hard time putting my heartfelt gratitude into words. Thanks again for everything. You have given me more than you know.”

- Dianne Greco, Port Jefferson, New York


“I wanted to thank you for the gifts from my honourable mention, which arrived yesterday.  I was ‘tickled pink’ by the thoughtfulness behind every gift.
On another note, I want to congratulate you for the wonderful job you do every day.  When I enter your website, a feeling of grace, kindness, and generosity of spirit prevails.  It is inspiring to feel those sentiments when all I’ve done is punch a few keys to order the fiber optics to display your site.”

- Evelyn Marentette, Ontario, Canada


“This award, and being published on the WOW website, made it feel official; I really am a writer!... a special thanks to the staff and editors of WOW...and reading the past winners’ stories is an excellent way to hone your own writing skills.”

- Donna Wilkins, New Mexico


“Thank-you so much again for the services you are rendering by running this website, the contest and all that you do. You have to be the most encouraging people I have ever met!”

- Jane Johnson, Kansas


“Your contests help spur some of us writers who have our hands full with so many other things to make out time for our writing.”

- Ubong-Abasi Johnathan, Ontario, Canada


“Thank you so much for the generous gifts to honorable mentions like myself!  Very motivational.  Cheers to WOW!”

- M.L. Cordle, Virginia


“Thank you for having a challenging word length. I also love the way you communicate with your writers. You really appreciate the time and effort that everyone puts into their entries. It’s a pleasure to read your emails and your website.”

- Mandy Vicsai, Australia


“I just wanted to send a quick note to say, "thank you". I was one of the Honorable Mention Winners in the Flash Fiction Winter Contest and the goodies y'all sent me as a prize were so wonderful and thoughtful. When I opened the package, the care and consideration were obvious and it was tremendously appreciated.”

- Kristen Lamb, Texas


“Thank you sooooo very much for your gift I received in the mail yesterday. I am sure everyone else was as touched as I was to receive the great WOW bag and goodies inside of it. I know you put a lot of work into making these gifts very special and I could tell right away.  You guys are somethin' else. I'll cherish these gifts always and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you!!!”

- Jennifer Daniels, Alabama


“I received the big (!) box today with my honorable mention prize for my submission to the winter flash fiction contest (my story: TP-ing Casa de Clooney). Thank you so much for such a generous prize. It was such a nice surprise, arriving as it did on a Monday after a long day at work. I'm thrilled.

Thanks again, not just for the great prize, but also for a such a well-run contest.”

- Charity Tahmaseb, Minnesota


** Visit the WOW! Women On Writing Blog to keep up with the latest in contestant interviews on Tuesdays! Or Subscribe to The Muffin via Feedburner to receive posts via e-mail.

** Please subscribe to our email newsletter (subscription box located on the top right of every page) to keep up with the latest contest info and developments from WOW!

Do you have a question about the contest? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you: contestinfo[at]wow-womenonwriting[dot]com. Please make sure that the question isn’t already answered in the contest terms & conditions. Thank you!

Are you an author who would like to donate copies of your book or e-book as a prize? Or a company interested in donating product? If you would like to donate a prize to this contest, and be featured on this page, please contact us at contestinfo[at]wow-womenonwriting[dot]com with your request. We accept books, subscriptions, gift certificates, and other products upon approval.

Would you like to sponsor a contest? Please visit our Ad Rates Page and download our media kit. Discounts may be available. Contact us at ads[at]wow-womenonwriting[dot]com, after you’ve reviewed our media kit, for further information.


WOW! Spring 2015 Flash Fiction Contest Guest Judge - Literary Agent Vicki Selvaggio
Fall 2014 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!
Summer 2014 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!
Spring 2014 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!
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Spring 2013 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!
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