Thursday, March 05, 2009


100 Fun and Useful Search Engines for Writers

by Jill Earl

I’ve always had a fondness for research. Throughout school, the prospect of choosing a topic, taking the data I’d acquire, picking it apart and trying to make sense of it all greatly excited me. As the Internet grew and flourished, so did my interest.

Imagine my excitement finding my way to the LearningXL blog on WordPress and finding ‘100 Fun & Useful Search Engines for Writers’. Assembled is a very useful list of websites to assist with conducting research, adding multimedia to your projects, developing business plans, and much more.

Need some help with researching industry trends? Zibb might be the stop for you. Want to add multimedia to a project? Glance at a multimedia engine such as Podscope for ideas. And if all that Googling’s made you cross-eyed, take a break with Yahoo! Kids.

Check the list right here:

You never know. That one resource you need for stand-out writing might be waiting with the next click of your mouse!

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