Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Readers have to have an attraction to a book or else they wouldn't buy it.

Since I’ve finished the first draft of my novel, I’m paying more attention to things like publishing and promoting. What will set my story apart from all the other stories that make their way to an agent's desk?

I believe I have strong, sensitive, charismatic characters and a plot that twists, turns and tantalizes the reader. It will be read, revised, and reformed before it begins its journey to the wild and wonderful world of publications.

What I wonder is why did you purchased the last novel that you bought? Here is a list of common reasons, you may have one that isn’t on the list.

You were already familiar with that author
Recommended by family/friend
Sampled the writing (read a page or two)
Read a review
It was nominated for or won an award
You liked the cover
The positioning in the store
An ad in a magazine/newspaper/radio/TV
You heard the author on TV or the radio
You met the author at a book signing
Because of who published the novel


The last novel I purchased fell into the not-such-a-popular-reason-to-buy-a-book reason. I loved the cover of “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire. The novel I bought before that was “D is for Deadbeat” by Sue Grafton. I bought it because I had already read a few of her books and I really enjoyed her writing style. The plot and characters are okay, but her style and the descriptive words she uses fascinate me.

Sure would like for you to share your reasons for buying the last novel you purchased.


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