Thursday, October 30, 2008


Update on WOW! Summer Flash Fiction Contest

Hi Ladies,

I know you're anxious to hear the results of the Summer '08 Flash Fiction Contest!

Here's the skinny: We sent out an email yesterday notifying the Top 10 contestants--so please check your inboxes, there are still a few of you we haven't heard from yet. The faster we get bios and pics, the sooner we can put up the contest winners' page.

Since we're busy working on the November issue, we won't be sending out email notices to Honorable Mentions. You'll have to wait until the issue goes live--most likely, next week--to find out the full results. We are working as quickly as womanly possible. ;)

Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with our guest judges. It was not an easy task! Check back next week to see your name in "lights."

Have a happy Halloween and don't eat too much candy!

Team WOW!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Update on WOW! Summer Flash Fiction Contest

Hi Ladies!

Many of you have emailed us with the question, "Have you sent out first-round notifications yet?"

The answer is: No, we have NOT emailed first-round notifications.

We are getting close, though! First-rounders will be notified by the end of this week. From there, we will be going over every entry in detail, and passing them along to our guest judge for the season, literary agent, Elise Capron.

Winners will be notified with the November Issue of WOW!

Thanks for your patience, and best of luck!

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