Monday, October 06, 2008


Copywriters, Be Proud

Allena Tapia, of Freelance Writing and Garden Wall Publications, shared this video with the Premium-Green Writer's Group, and I had to pass it along to you all.

The power of a few words can move mountains. So touching...especially the ending. You don't have to understand Spanish to enjoy it.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The Power of Words

Remember at the start of the Harry Potter saga when Harry was taken to get his wand? The shopkeeper searched his "stock", had Harry try several different makes and models so to speak until he found the perfect match. In Harry's hands, that properly fit wand made a powerful tool.

Words are just like that wand. In the right hands, words have an amazing power. Consider these words.

"I have a dream!"

Just four little words but what power they held when first spoken many years ago by Martin Luther King, Jr. Words that have shaped a nation and still stir us today. Words that I'm sure will never be forgotten.

Or what about "I love you." or "I hate you." "Thank you." and "Please"? Words that when spoken can either lift a person to amazing heights or plunge them into despair.

And let's not forget about the Imus fiasco. With just a few words he stirred things up all across our nation, lost his job and earned the scorn of many people. Once spoken, words can never be unsaid.

Written words are just as powerful. For example, an interview with Angela, WOW! founder and CEO was posted yesterday at LunarPages.

Tiara did a great job interviewing Angela. Her questions were thoughtful, the answers given were inspiring and encouraging. Yet, three little words meant to be light and fun caused things to get blown WAY out of proportion. It wouldn't have taken much to get a comment war started.

I think many times we take words for granted. But they truly are powerful tools in the right hands. Words stir our souls and empower us. They uplift and encourage. Words take us to times and places we may never see in person.

Yet, when misused words can tear apart families and hurt those we love the most. Words have the power to divide nations and ruin lives.

So today, I want us to do two things:--) That's right...I have an assignment for you. First, share what words encourage or empower you with the rest of us. Got a favorite saying or quote...then share it in the comment section.

Next, head on over to LunarPages and read Tiara's interview with Angela. Here's the link. Then, comment and let Tiara know what a great job she did.


Oh...I found my empowering words on the wall of a used car salesman years ago. Now, it's on my wall and in my sig. line at StoryCrafters. "Only he who attempts the ridiculous can achieve the impossible."

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