Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Can your BlackBerry Help Your Writing Career?

by LuAnn Schindler

OK, I admit it. I bought myself a "Happy Holidays to me" gift: the latest, greatest smart phone from BlackBerry. At first I considered just the practical aspects: email availability from up to five accounts, Twitter and Facebook applications for promotion and posting of writing samples, video and voice recording capabilities, and a memo program. It also has documents-to-go, including Word and PowerPoint.

I've used it a couple times to jot notes for articles so I don't forget about the sensory details associated with an event. The small keyboard is, well, small, but I can type 120 on a regular keyboard. I'm close to 75 wpm on the BlackBerry keyboard.

Will BlackBerry revolutionize a writer's world? Maybe not, but it is a handy device to keep me organized and close to my work, even if I'm away from the office.

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