Saturday, April 18, 2009


Computers, Editing, and Writer Preferences

What do you look for in a computer for your writing? Do you focus on its screen size, portability, storage capacity, or do you look for the operating system and software/hardware you can run on it?

How many of you write using handhelds versus laptops, laptops versus desktops? How many of you still prefer to do all your drafting in longhand and type it up only when it is necessary?

Lastly, when you write and/or edit manuscripts, what types of platforms do you use (i.e., Google doc, MS Word's Track changes, etc.)? Do some work better than others in your opinion?

I figured I'd make this an open post to hopefully get a good dialogue going, as while I love technology, I'm relatively a newbie to taking writing into consideration as I once again go in search of a new computer since mine bit the dust...the latter questions come from the fact I'm finding everyone seems to have different preferences when it comes to collaborative editing, and I would love to know what else is out there to try as I help other writers with editing comments.



Blogger LuAnn said...

When it comes to serious writing, I prefer my desktop computer. I have everything around me I need -- notes, dictionary, thesaurus, style guides, pens, pencils, notepaper. I recently added a 20-inch flatscreen, so now, I can have two documents open side-by-side. I use my laptop at times, too, but it's not the standard if I'm at home.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth King Humphrey said...

Daily I use a laptop and, honestly, I bought one that I could use with my Adobe design programs. I purchased a netbook in January for its portability and will take it on short trips or to the library. I don't own a handheld and don't believe I will be composing on one, if I did own one. I enjoy writing longhand to engage my creativity, allowing me to doodle or play with words.

For editing someone else's work, I use track changes in Word (2007). I've used Goggle Docs but haven't used it enough to really have an opinion about it.

Thank you,

1:23 PM  

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