Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Some Words on Writing for DOLLARS!

By Jill Earl

When I finally decided to step into the writing life, one of the first writing newsletters I signed up for was Dan Case's ‘Writing for DOLLARS!’. Gotta love its focus on helping you to make money with your writing, but there’s much more. Allow me to list a few of the benefits appearing in each issue.

First is the weekly feature article covering an aspect of the craft, written by pros such as Shaunna Privratsky, Jennifer Brown Banks and Patricia Fry. Recent topics included column writing pros and cons, letters of introduction how-tos and quiz writing. The Article Database offers over a decade’s worth of articles you can browse by subject or author.

Then there are the 18 markets included in each weekly issue, ranging from high to low pay. Click on the link to the free Guidelines Database to perform your own market search.

Want to replenish your writing library? Check the list of the top-selling books from or click through the link to browse other titles.

And when you want to keep things light, visit Chicken Writer and her buddies as Pig or Owl Advisor dole out punny advice or Mule works his way through haiku.

For a closer look, go here: As a bonus, you can download the free ebook, 83 Ways to Make Money Writing after you subscribe.

Writing for DOLLARS! Making the business of writing a little more pleasant. And profitable.

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