Monday, September 03, 2007


Happy Anniversary WOW!

As most of you know, September is our one year anniversary! How exciting and wonderful, especially in an industry where newcomers seldom last, especially a year.

But not only has WOW! made it to this historical moment in time, but she has flourished and thrived. Each issue is better than the last and the future's looking bright.

So, celebrate with us!

Angela, take a deserve it for all your hard work and dedication to an idea that has grown into a something wonderful.

To WOW! Long may she prosper!




Anonymous Carol said...

Way to go, WOW!


9:05 AM  
Blogger Danette Haworth said...

Congratulations to the entire WOW! team and Angela for this wonderful site.

Not only do I appreciate the technical tips and writing hints, but I feel camaraderie here.

Additionally, I love flash fiction, so I'm doubly glad WOW!

12:53 PM  

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