Thursday, March 15, 2007


Update on Winter 2007 Flash Fiction Contest

Dear Contestants,

We have sent out an e-mail to the Top 10 entries, so be sure to check your in-boxes, and your bulk mail, just in case! Always remember to add our e-mail address ( to your contact list, so you are assured to receive notices.

The Honorable Mention e-mails will not go out until next week. They will also be posted in a feature article April 1st. Stay tuned! There were so many good entries this time, and in our opinion, most of them were excellent. We are looking forward to finding out as well! Thanks again, and we appreciate your patience.

Warmest regards,

Angela & Beryl



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angela and Beryl,

The thing that most impressed me about this contest was the communication you kept up with the contestants. No one was left in the dark: We knew what was going to happen and when. That meant a lot to me.


3:53 PM  

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