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Welcome to a Green Spring

By Susan L. Eberling

The month of April makes the world a greener place in more ways than one. Not only are the trees budding and new grass starting to peek out of the soil, people are being reminded to have a green approach to their consuming habits. These fun products below encourage the green principles of non-toxicity, reusability and sustainability. Check out these items and move one step closer to reducing your environmental footprint.


Living Home Starter Kit

April brings flowers and warmer weather but traditionally the month also brings spring cleaning. This year clean your whole house with products that are kinder to the earth and your own home environment. The Seventh Generation home starter kit includes six natural-based cleaners. Use some grapefruit and herb glass cleaner to shine your mirrors. Freshen that family bathroom with cypress and fir natural toilet bowl cleaner. The set comes in a nifty tote that holds all the products with two rolls of Seventh Generation natural paper towels.

Organic Herbs

This planter will look great in your kitchen window while giving you the tasty joys of fresh organic herbs all through the summer and fall. This kit comes with three “crackle-glazed” pots, a matching drip tray and three packets of certified organic herbs of your choosing. Do you need some herbs for your salsa but also your Italian dishes? You can choose slow bolt cilantro or Greek oregano. Are you a basil fanatic? You can choose from seven varieties. The kit also includes a soil pod that expands 14 times its original size, so no messy, heavy bags of potting soil are needed.

Eco-Travel Journal

Eco-friendly or not, a journal does not get more writer- friendly that this. The Lama Li Lokta Travel journal at comes from sustainable materials but also with a host of neat features. Made in Nepal, these journals are handmade from the bark of the Lokta tree, which re-grows within a few years. Open up the soft, wrap-around cover to 150 pages of Lokta paper. Located inside the cover is a pocket for pens and a folder-like pocket to keep notes and other snippets of information. The journal is kept shut by a band attached to as wooden bar.


Just about everywhere you go retailers are selling their own version of the reusable shopping bag. However, these stylish bags will help you stand out from the crowd with their bright colors and varied prints. Envirosax from com in a set of 5 and can be rolled up into a small pouch for compact and easy storage. While made of polyester for strength, the dyes in these bags are eco-friendly.


Plantable Greeting Cards

This set of six plantable greeting cards covers all your bases: birthday, thank you, congratulations, and sympathy. Instead of throwing the card away the receiver can bury the card in soil and receive a harvest of wildflowers. For roughly the same price of a greeting card at a grocery or drug store, you can offer your thoughts with the card, provide seeds and keep one more piece of paper out of the landfill.


What do you think about our must-haves?  Do you have items you dream to own? We’d love it if you’d share with us and our readers. Drop us a line. Let’s continue to help inspire each other to reach our dreams!


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