Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Does the Library Help You? Enter this Woman's Day Essay Contest

Tricia Sanders, one of my good writing buddies, posted this essay contest from Woman's Day and The American Library Association on her blog, "A Novel Approach." The prompt is:

"If the library has gotten you or your family out of a tough financial crunch, helping you save in unexpected ways, tell us about it in an essay of 700 words or less."

For all the rules and details, you can find them on the Woman's Day website.

I would love, love, love to read these essays. I love to use the library. I check out audio books for the car, picture books to read for my blog, and my book club novels. For writers, the magazine section is one of the best parts of the library. Where else can you go to find all those back issues of magazines the editors are always asking you to look through before you query?

But I can't say the library has helped me out of a tough financial crunch, although I wish it could or would or did because I would love to write about the library. I think in today's society, the library is often a forgotten resource. So, these Woman's Day essays could help us all, not only the writers who win the contest.

Maybe the library has helped you during these hard economic times. If so, enter this contest and let your love for the library shine through!
How does the library help you? Do you use it often as a writer?

Happy essay writing!
Margo Dill
Seattle Public Library photo by jeffwilcox

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