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Learn How to Start a Podcast with Journalist and Podcaster Renee Roberson

You can start a podcast!

YOU CAN START A PODCAST! by Renee Roberson

This webinar is pre-recorded and can be accessed at any time.

DURATION:  30 Minutes

FEEDBACK:   Students who purchase this webinar can e-mail the instructor any follow-up questions they have after viewing the material.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Have you ever thought about creating one of your own but are overwhelmed by how to even get started? Renee Roberson is an award-winning writer of both fiction and non-fiction who decided to use her journalistic background to create a true crime podcast focused on North and South Carolina. She will share the backstory of how she created her own podcast, examples of different formats, what kinds of software, subscriptions, and other tools you may need, finding ideas for creating podcasting content, monetization ideas, and how you can repurpose your materials.


The webinar is provided via a pre-recorded Zoom link that can be viewed on a tablet, phone, or computer (both Mac and PC). Renee will present the fundamentals of podcasting through Zoom and send supporting documents (including a list of resources to get you started podcasting) upon purchase of the presentation.


Renee Roberson is a skilled journalist, scriptwriter, and podcast producer who is extremely knowledgeable in the podcast realm. I’ve come to her for advice on podcasting—whether it’s choosing the best microphone or tips for using GarageBand—and she’s generously shared insider information and easy-to-follow instructions. Her podcast, Missing in the Carolinas, is a riveting deep dive into the true crime cases that capture Renee’s heart. Everyone I’ve shared her podcast with mentions her soothing voice, and it’s so true! She’s great to listen to, and a talented, compassionate host. Renee has won many awards for her writing, and it made me so proud that an article she wrote for WOW about crime writing won a Writer’s Digest Writing Competition award! She’s also an excellent editor with a keen eye for all the elements that make a great story. If you have questions about podcasting, Renee is an invaluable resource and a passionate teacher. ~ Angela Mackintosh, WOW editor

I was so excited today when I saw a new episode was available! I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Each episode is so well done, and the narration is excellent. You have such a soothing voice. Thank you for all the work you put into each and every episode. I really appreciate it and look forward to future shows. ~ G. A.

As someone from N.C., I know most of the places she talks about and that’s nuts and makes it somehow more real. Also, the theme song has some serious Haunting of Hill House vibes. A great podcast! ~ Leilani

I’m not from the Carolinas, but I stumbled across this podcast while looking for new things to listen to. The narrator’s voice is wonderful. Her detail and compassion really rounds it out. Highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys learning about true crime. ~ D.M.

As someone from North Carolina, I love hearing cases that are specific to N.C. and S.C. The narrator has a very soothing voice, so the podcast is easy to listen to. Also, the episodes are short enough to hold my interest without having to listen to an episode in multiple parts. This podcast is very well done! I’m glad I came across this podcast! ~ L. 424


You Can Start a Podcast!

Duration: 30 minutes

Learn the benefits of creating your own podcast, materials you need to get started, how to develop content that will keep listeners coming back for more, and ways your podcast can create supplemental income.


  • Examples of different types of podcasts.
  • Deciding on a format.
  • Ways to handle the technology necessary for creating a podcast.
  • How to develop your first few episodes.
  • Promotion and monetization ideas.
  • Ways you can repurpose your podcast content.

Materials needed: All written materials and resources are provided by the instructor. She will provide a handout with information discussed in the webinar along with suggestions for a few different types of podcasts to explore.

Renee Roberson

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Having worked as a journalist for more than 20 years, Renee Roberson became addicted to podcasts in 2018 and hasn’t looked back. It was when she attended MurderCon, a conference designed for writers interested in crime, that she began developing her own true crime podcast, “Missing in the Carolinas,” which covers true crime in both North and South Carolina. The podcast is independently produced, with Renee doing all the research and writing.

She’s passionate about covering stories that are often left out of the media, cold cases, and teaching people the importance of situational self-awareness. Renee is an award-winning writer and has picked up accolades for both her fiction and non-fiction writing. Her short story, “The Polaroid,” won first place in the suspense/thriller category of the 2017 Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards, and “The Monster in the Woods” recently took 2nd place in the Genre Short Story category of the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition.


COST:  $30, which includes pre-recorded webinar, supporting handouts, and e-mail follow-up.

BUY NOW: YOU CAN START A PODCAST! by Renee Roberson (Prerecorded Webinar)

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For Webinar On 8/16/2023

Notes:  Upon successful completion of payment, your name, email address, and contact info will be submitted to your instructor. She will e-mail you with the video link and supporting materials.

Questions? Email Marcia & Angela at:

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