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Writing Children’s and Teen’s Short Fiction for Magazines and E-zines by Margo L. Dill

START DATE:   Friday, May 13, 2015

DURATION:  5 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Interested in writing for children’s magazines and e-zines? Want to build a resume of writing clips while working on a book manuscript? Then this is the class for you. In four weeks, we will study the children’s and teen’s magazine market and write two stories for critique for two different age groups—student’s choice. (Students choose two from: ages 4 to 7, ages 8 to 12, and ages 13 and up.) When class is over, students will have two fiction stories to revise and send in for magazine submissions.


Week one: Students will introduce themselves and choose which two age groups they want to write for. They will study the magazine market and choose two magazines to target. Instruction will be provided on submitting to magazines/e-zines and reading guidelines.

Week two: Students will write their first story. Instruction will be provided on tips for writing for magazines and the difference between short story manuscripts and picture book manuscripts. (There is a difference!) 

Week three: Students will turn in their first story for critique. Margo and at least one other student will critique the story. Instruction on critiquing and revising will be provided. Students will work on story two.

Week four: Students will turn in story two for critique. Margo and at least one other student will critique each story. Instruction will be provided on rights and payments. It will also be provided on contacting an editor when submission times are up. Students will revise their stories for submission.

Week five: Students can choose one of the stories that have been revised and turn it in to Margo for one more critique. Students will ask any questions they have on short story writing and participate in discussion based on individual students’ needs.

These are all recommendations from students that took Margo’s paid writing for children class.

Margo is helpful, wise and encouraging. If you’re struggling with your writing career or interesting in writing for children, I recommend this class. –Elizabeth

Margo is an excellent instructor—providing students with information, skills, and attention. Her teaching gives practical, hands-on advice that I can use to achieve my goals as a children's writer. I feel much better equipped to meet the challenges this field offers. Thanks, Margo, and WOW! Women on Writing for a great course! –Jamie

The best part of the class was Margo’s accessibility. No matter how trivial the question was, she got back to us with an answer quickly. When she critiqued our work she had great ideas and balanced it with praise when appropriate. I incorporated all of her critique suggestions into my work and learned from it. –Patty

This class opened up a whole new range of possibilities for my writing. I have so many ideas my biggest problem is finding time to do them all. Fabulous, detailed feedback. Great personal assistance. Thanks a billion, Margo! ~ Bonnie

Materials needed:  Access to a computer with Internet, a Google account so you can log into the free Blogger classroom blog and use Google docs for critiques, and an e-mail address.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  Margo L. Dill is a freelance writer, editor, speaker, and teacher, living in St. Louis, Missouri. Her work has appeared in publications such as Grit, Pockets, True Love, Fun for Kidz, Missouri Life, ByLine Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune. She is a columnist, instructor, and contributing editor for WOW! Women On Writing. She is the memoir and children’s/YA novel editor at High Hill Press and the assistant editor for the Sunday Books page in The News-Gazette. Her first book, Finding My Place, a middle-grade historical novel, is published by White Mane Kids. High Hill Press will publish her children’s picture book, Lucy and the Red Ribbon Week Adventures, Guardian Angel Publishing will publish the picture book, Maggie Mae, Detective Extraordinaire, and the Case of the Missing Cookies. She recently signed a contract with Rocking Horse Publishing in St. Louis to publish her young adult light paranormal novel, Caught Between Two Curses. She writes a blog called, Read These Books and Use Them, for parents, teachers, and librarians. She owns her own copyediting business, Editor 911, and is an instructor for the WOW! Women On Writing Classroom. She loves speaking to writing groups, teachers, and young writers and has presented several workshops to all ages. When she’s not writing or speaking, she loves spending time with her husband, stepson, daughter, and dog—Chester, a boxer. You can find out more about Margo by visiting her website:

COST:  $115, which includes access to the private blog, three critiques by Margo, and at least one critique by a fellow student.

BUY NOW:  Writing Children’s and Teen’s Short Fiction for Magazines and E-zines, Margo L. Dill (5 weeks, starting 5/13/2015) Limit 20 students: Early registration is recommended.

This class is now closed. Please check here for our current schedule.


Notes:  Upon successful completion of payment, your name, email address, and contact info will be submitted to your instructor. She will contact you and invite you to a private classroom blog.

Questions? Email Marcia & Angela at:

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