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Instructor and Author Kelly L. Stone

LIFE’S A BITCH AND THEN YOU WRITE: A Three-Step Technique to Strengthen Your Work-in-Progress  by Kelly L. Stone

START DATE: August 5, 2024

DURATION:  3 weeks

LOCATION:  Email with group. This is an asynchronous course that can be studied from anywhere, in any time zone.

FEEDBACK:  Instructor feedback and group discussion

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  No matter what happens in life, the writing must go on if you want to achieve—and keep—success as a writer. In this class you’ll learn Kelly’s 3-step technique, developed during a particularly difficult time in her own life to keep her focused and on track with her writing career, that you can also use when life’s challenges and adversities threaten to toss you off your writing path. This 3-step technique will help you find the “treasure in the ruin” (Rumi) and use adversity to strengthen, and deepen, your work-in-progress, as well as help you keep moving forward toward your writing dream—no matter what life throws at you.

I took TIME TO WRITE and it helped me get focused on my writing. I just signed a contract for my first book deal. I couldn’t have gotten here without you and your class. THANK YOU!! ~ Elke Feurer, published author

Kelly Stone is an awesome and patient teacher. Thanks to her I am able to say 'I am a writer!'. Her classes TIME TO WRITE and EMPOWER YOUR MUSE have changed my writing life! Do yourself a favor and take both courses! ~ Debra Hosey

Taking Kelly's classes and interacting with her has been a wonderful experience for me. She has given me both inspiration for my writing and insight into my dreams. She listened, discerned, and helped bring new life and a new spring budding to a plant that had laid dormant for a long winter's time. Thank you. ~ Rae Stabosz

Kelly is an amazing teacher; I so recommend Kelly’s classes and books! ~ Kelsey Browning, student and published author

Thank you so much for a wonderful class. I have learned a lot and I'm grateful for your feedback. ~ JJ Crater

Thank you for the feedback, lectures and reading material. I found this class to be inspiring and thought provoking on many levels. ~ Melisse Perre

If you fancy yourself a writer, or don’t, but want to try your hand at it, check out Kelly’s course. Be curious. Try it. You won’t be disappointed. ~ Denise Amick, student

The lectures and exercises have been very helpful and exactly what I needed to jump start this work that is so important to feeding my spirit. Thank you for the time, effort and thoughtfulness with which you approached the class. ~ Karen Vernon

Thanks to your course, I am on track to finish my writing project. ~ Donna E.

Kelly’s class was incredibly useful. She introduced a number of ways to effectively break through perceived creative blocks; tap into unconscious writing superpowers; and stimulate those atrophying writing muscles with great exercises, homework, and lectures. I didn't feel  overwhelmed; on the contrary, I looked forward to doing the assignments. I felt like—yes!—this woman really really gets what goes on in the mind of the writing creative. A big bonus: my writing confidence has gone up! Thank you, Kelly! ~ Elana G.

The exercises Kelly provided were great and I plan to use them for a long time to come! ~ Barbara B.

Excellent presentation loaded with ideas. ~ Josh B.

“I'm a newbie to it all, so this was great. The class was very informative and helpful.” ~ Jessi H.

“Your insider tips were very helpful.” ~ Tom H.

“You have combined your writing talent with your psychology background, and the result is a winner!” ~ Carolyn F.

“I have always wanted to write and now I truly feel like I can.”
~ Jennifer G.

“I have a ‘burning desire to write’ fiction and you...have shown me the way.” ~ Donna A.


Week One: Why Did You Stop?
Identify Your Personal Blocks that Disrupt Your Creative Process.

Assignment: Through free-writing techniques and reviewing where, when, and why the current work-in-progress halted, students will identify the major emotional blocks that interfered with their writing schedule in the past year.

Week Two: Turn it Around
Link Your Personal Blocks to Universal Writing Themes.

Assignment: Using the concept of universal themes, students will identify universal themes that match their personal emotional blocks.

Week Three: Write through the Pain
Use Your Emotional Blocks and Universal Themes to Strengthen Your Work-in-Progress.

Assignment: Using identified blocks and themes, students will re-write a scene or chapter from their current WIP (or create a new one).

Materials needed:  An Internet connection and email.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  Kelly L Stone ( is the author of the TIME TO WRITE series: TIME TO WRITE: Professional Writers Reveal How to Fit Writing into Your Busy Life (Adams Media) and THINKING WRITE: The Secret to Freeing Your Creative Mind (Adams Media), and LIVING WRITE: The Secret to Inviting Your Craft Into Your Daily Life (Adams Media). Her work has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cup of Comfort anthologies, as well as Family Circle magazine, Writer's Digest, Cat Fancy, and others. She has spoken at conferences around the country on how to achieve writing success, and helps other writers through classes, coaching, and one-on-one consultation capitalize on the the power of the subconscious mind for maximum creativity and results.

COST:  $30, which includes a free critique of up to 10 pages OR a 15 minute phone consultation; one-on-one support and feedback from the instructor through email and listserv.

BUY NOW:  Life’s a Bitch and Then You Write by Kelly L. Stone (3 weeks, starting August 5, 2024) Limit: 15 students. Early registration is recommended.

This class is now closed. Please check out our current schedule here.

For Class Session Starting August 5, 2024


Notes:  Upon successful completion of payment, your name, email address, and contact info will be submitted to your instructor. She will contact you via email with detailed instructions and assignments.

Questions? Email Marcia & Angela at:

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