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Featured Online Writing Class

by Denise Long

START DATE:  This class is currently closed.

DURATION:  3 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Writing out that first amazing draft is one thing. Beginning to shape and mold it into a polished final manuscript is quite another. The revision process is the step that nobody really wants to do, but it can be the time when the most powerful writing work is done. Of course, it can also be overwhelming: What do I do first? What are the best steps to take? How can I know if I’m doing punctuation and dialogue correctly? What should I be looking for?

This three-week intensive course breaks down the editing process into specific steps, moving from the “bigger picture” to the tiny little details. Each week will cover multiple areas of editing and revision in depth, guiding you in determining the steps you need to take to move your draft from “rough” to “final.” At the end of this course, you will have developed your own editing checklist along with a greater understanding of how to edit to the level of published professionals.

This course is also appropriate for those wordsmiths who love to edit. Interested in becoming a freelance editor? This course will help you develop the skills to guide a writer’s work to perfection!

Denise always reached out to her students. Even though this was an online course and I never met her personally, I could feel the warmth she has for her students and her desire for them to achieve their goals. She gets an A+ from me, great teacher. ~ Lynette A.

Ms. Long answered my questions in a timely manner and always asked questions or added additional explanations to clarify what we are talking about. I could tell that she really wanted me to improve as a writer. ~ Rashaan K.

This was a quality course, with a high quality instructor. ~ Brianne L.

Denise was an excellent teacher, and I would love to have her again in another course. She was insightful and worked hard to help me overcome my weaknesses and challenges. ~ Jackie F.

I am grateful I had an opportunity to work with Ms. Long. She had a unique way of teaching, almost “story like.” Her writing skills are endless and she obviously loves what she does. It shows in her feedback and her writing. I will not forget this class, nor the instructor who taught it. ~ Christopher W.

This was a very interesting course, and I learned more than I thought I would. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it ended up teaching me many things I hadn’t thought about before. Well worth it in the end! ~ Gene C.

Overall, I am glad I took this course and it will be very beneficial to me as I move on towards the next step in my writing. ~ Rebecca H.

I have learned some very important things during this class to help me improve my writing skills. Also, the instructor was very good at getting the class to elaborate during discussions and she asked questions about our responses to get us thinking a little more in depth on what we were discussing and reviewing. I liked that. ~ Carlee R.

I have received outstanding editing and feedback from Denise. I am extremely fortunate to have worked with her. She was detail oriented, knowledgeable, meticulous, and easy to work with. ~ Mayra B., editing client

Denise made significant efforts to always communicate in a timely manner and to assist me when encountering different challenges in my manuscript. Her comments and feedback were always helpful and encouraging but also useful and constructive. ~ Kaleigh V., editing client

Denise has edited several articles for me. She was thorough, conscientious, and asked thoughtful and helpful questions. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I will do again in the future. ~ Donna B., editing client


Note: Each lesson will have a specific assignment related to that week’s material. 

Week One: Introduction to Editing & Making the Most of Your Editing “Tools”

The first week will review the different types of editing (developmental editing, copy editing, line editing, proofreading, etc.). The class will include a discussion of the editorial relationship and how to become one’s own editor.

This week will also focus on using your editing “tools” to their utmost advantage. We will discuss how to use the tools available in MS Word (and other software programs) for self-editing to streamline and simplify the process. This week will also include a discussion of some great resources available for editing (books, websites, etc.)

Week Two: Showing, Rather Than Telling; Pacing; Point of View; and Character Movement and Motivation

In the second week, we will move in a little closer to specifics. We will cover how to recognize “telling” in writing where there could be “showing.” It’s one of the most often cited problems or challenges in many manuscripts, but a writer often struggles to recognize when to show and when to tell, or how to tell the difference sometimes! The discussion will also include exercises for evaluating pacing for maximum effect.

This week will also guide you in examining the text for consistency in point of view, and a discussion of characters’ movements (physically) and motivation (emotionally). When a writer “knows” what the characters are thinking and doing, he or she can sometimes just make assumptions about how that will be perceived by the reader. This week will include exercises in being objective as a self-editor in order to identify unintentional POV shifts and other issues.

Week Three: Grammar, Syntax, Dialogue, and Determining When the Editing is Done (Or is it?)

In the final week, we’ll move in even closer and focus on the “nuts and bolts” of writing. This week will include a review of things to look for at a basic level, including grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and issues in dialogue. In the final week of the course, there will also be much discussion about knowing when to say “when” in the editing process. This week will review the self-editor’s “checklist” and how to complete those final “checks” before moving on to submitting and/or querying with a manuscript.

Materials needed: No materials necessary. However, the course is designed to guide writers in working with their own fiction or creative nonfiction manuscripts (or a work from a potential client), so students should have one work—novel, short story, memoir, etc.—that they wish to work with in the course for assignments and discussions.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Denise Long is the Production Editor of Carve magazine. She holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in English from the University of Illinois. She has been teaching college-level English courses since 2006, including literature courses and writing courses, ranging from English Composition to Professional and Technical Writing. She has been editing since 1998, and she has edited many works of fiction and non-fiction and numerous academic articles, dissertations, and theses. Her scholarly work in American literature has been presented and published regionally in the Midwest, and her short fiction has been published in print and online publications.

COST:  $85, which includes detailed weekly lessons, e-mail support and feedback from the instructor, and weekly assignments.

BUY NOW:  Tips & Tools for Editing Three Week Intensive by Denise Long (3 weeks, Beginning the First Monday of the Month) Limit: 12 students. Early registration is recommended.

This class is now closed. Please check here for our current schedule.

Notes: Upon successful completion of payment, your name, email address, and contact info will be submitted to your instructor. She will contact you via email so you can get started.

Questions? Email Marcia & Angela at:

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