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While others dream of chucking in their day jobs for delightful hours of thoughtful contemplation, engaging research and passionate writing, those of us already in the business know the truth. Query upon query, source upon source, interview after interview, draft after draft, edit upon edit and finally invoice upon invoice are the patterns of our days. In this endless whirl of work, writers barely have time to meet multiple deadlines let alone constantly trawl markets for new assignments. So what's a writer to do? Enter freelance writing newsletters.
There are a variety of electronic freelance writing newsletters available today to help busy writers stay on top of their games. These newsletters serve a variety of purposes. They help writers keep up with industry news, compile hints and tips for better business, allow writers to find out about emerging markets, browse classified ads for editors, agents and more, as well as peruse calls for submissions, conferences, workshops and retreats.
At their best, freelance writing newsletters are timely, well-researched, positive and delivered right to your inbox with minimal effort. At their worst, these newsletters are a waste of a few pages or mega bytes in your inbox, either of which can be remedied by an effortless "delete" into the trashcan. Sound good? Great, because there are a number of freelance writing newsletters out there just waiting for your free subscription.
Worldwide Freelance Writer is a weekly electronic newsletter that brings writing news and resources, new markets from around the world, a feature article and featured resource as well as several writing related classified ads right to your inbox each Wednesday. New subscribers to the newsletter will also receive 5 free chapters of "The Freelancer's Guide to Finding Writing Markets" in electronic format. Subscribers laud the integrity and commitment of this publication, and many international writers applaud its widespread market updates.
EU Writer newsletter is a sister publication to Worldwide Freelance Writer. Delivered via email on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, EU Writer brings writers of any nationality and/or location information on European markets, books and other products for writers, online resources for writers, feature articles and "how to" articles and much more. New subscribers also receive access to all archived newsletters, a bonus that will eat up many happy hours of reading.
The Writer Newsletter is the electronic "top up" to the monthly The Writer magazine. Every other week this publication provides writers with highlights and previews from the current issue of The Writer, announcements about contests, scholarships, grants and other funding opportunities, updates about writing events in their geographic areas and special offers being run by The Writer. Motivational tips and quotes will also uplift and inspire writers flagging under their workload. Though writers do not need to subscribe to The Writer to access this newsletter, they should be aware that this is a promotional newsletter and full stories will mainly be found in the current issue of the print magazine.
WritersWeekly bills itself as the highest circulation freelance writing ezine in the world and it provides myriad resources for writers each week. The Publisher's Desk section brings writers current announcements from within the industry while News from the Home Office and The Latest from AngelaHoy.com bring them a variety of hints and tips on numerous subjects. Letters to the Editor and Ask the Expert address issues of concern to subscribers, and a featured article may address any number of writing topics. Success Stories celebrates writing triumphs, Whispers and Warnings helps writers avoid scams and less-than-scrupulous editors, and Markets and Jobs spotlight diverse markets with current needs. Classified Ads and New Job Listings round out the newsletter with helpful services, and possible new assignments to help pay for them.
Abundant Writing News is prolific freelancer Anne Wayman's newsletter. Arriving in writers' inboxes up to three times per week, this publication delivers a hodgepodge of writing resources including want ads for writers, a featured article, and news and tips via Wayman's "almost daily" blog The Golden Pencil. Quick and to the point, this newsletter delivers resources with no frills - just the way busy writers like it.
Absolute Write newsletter offers writers weekly articles, writing news, books reviews and contest information in an easy to follow format. Interviews with editors, agents, and producers also offer writers a peek into life on the other side of the divide. Subscribing now will also net writers a free list of agents actively seeking new talent.
Absolute Market newsletter, the companion to Absolute Write, offers biweekly updates on writers' guidelines from around the world, jobs for writers, calls for submissions and information on current and upcoming writing contests. Writers should be aware that this newsletter addresses strictly market news and does not focus on professional development issues. New subscribers will also receive a copy of "The Writer's Online Guidelines" book for free. Just one note of warning - Absolute Write and Absolute Markets are complementary publications, but writers must subscribe to each separately. Writers should not assume that they will receive both publications from one subscription.
The Practicing Writer is edited by Erika Dreifus and (in Erika's own words) includes a highlighted online resource, announcements for upcoming contests and similar opportunities, a "Submission Alerts!!!" section, where Erika keeps subscribers posted about calls from literary journals and nuances in editorial calendars, highlights from Erika's "Practicing Writing" blog and a "Conferences and Events" section. This monthly e-newsletter also includes an article on the craft and/or business of writing. New subscribers be aware that a Yahoo! ID is required for membership, though a 'mailing list only' option is also available.
Writing World newsletter offers "a world of writing tips. for writers around the world." Moira Allen (See 20 Questions this issue) publishes this highly informative periodical which includes articles, columns, markets, calls for assistance from writers, warnings about scams and contracts and much, much more. A comfortable crazy quilt of useful tips for weary writers.
Notes in the Margin is a labor of love from freelancing whiz Kristen King. Though irregular in delivery, Notes in the Margin is advertising free and subscribers' information is protected through SafeSubscribe software, so this newsletter is truly reader friendly. Sections include Business, Just for Writers, Reader Q & A, Reviews, Humor and Grammar - though all newsletters may not include all sections as only relevant material is included in each issue. Another bonus for readers is that Notes in the Margin is a paying market for articles and reviews, so interested writers should be sure to check out the writer's guidelines.
WOW! Women on Writing is a dynamic ezine that also produces a vibrant monthly newsletter specifically for women writers. A call for submissions greets the audience, which is a surefire way to make them happy and devoted readers, and the newsletter always contains important information from the editors, a variety of feature articles as well as columns devoted to asking 20 questions to a notable woman in the writing industry, addressing freelancers' concerns, finding funds for writers, "how to" complete tasks important to the writing life, inspiration to lift anyone high above writer's block, market news, writing must haves and reviews of products particular to writing. Classified ads are also included, and links to the WOW! website means that readers also have the newsletter archives at their fingertips as well as the online store on hand for a bit of retail therapy. Interesting online voting polls and great graphics make this site/newsletter a treat.
Subscribing to freelance writing newsletters is a fast, easy way for harried writers to stay up to date with developments in their field. Many more newsletters are published than could be described here, and writers will no doubt debate the pros and cons of each of their favorites, but to say that every newsletters offers at least a little something for everyone wouldn't be a lie. Besides, with free subscriptions and direct delivery the only thing that might be wasted by subscribing to freelance writing newsletters is the few seconds it takes to skim through their contents. Now, isn't that enough to make you want to hear "you've got mail"?

Beth Morrissey has written well over 200 articles on various subjects, in publications around the world.  She's been a Freelance Writer for 3 years, with experience in print and electronic publications.  Beth is an editor of various educational materials including essays, reports and brochures, two organizational newsletters and children's books. She's also experienced in American and British English copy-editing, proofreading, as well as content editing.

Contact information:  Email Address: beth.morrissey@bethmorrissey.com


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