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Theme:  The Self-Publishing Travel Guide

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken
US poet (1874 - 1963)

To me, this quote epitomizes the self-publishing travel guide. It is the road less traveled, the one that may be shrouded by a crop of gnarled trees, darkened in mystery, and one with an earthy strip of dirt that feels strange under your new shoes, but it's a road worth exploring. As we venture down the path we experience unfamiliar sights and sounds, things previously foreign to us, and expand our horizons to an amazing journey.

This road may not be for all of us, but at least it gives us the knowledge we need to make our own decisions and choices as writers and aspiring authors. Here you will find popular travel destinations and little out of the way resort towns that offer more than the normal fare. These small places sometimes shed more light on our inner being, our sole purpose for traveling. So don't discard them!

I know one of the main dreams we've all had as writers is to be published by one of the big houses—but times are changing. Huge print magazines are moving to online publishing only, and many of the mega corporations are trying to catch up with the growing numbers who frequent online publications. The publishing world is burgeoning right before our very eyes!

If you want to discover the choices you have as an author, take this issue in, digest it, and alchemize it. Be sure to check out our tour-guide Annette Fix's article Exploring New Territory. Print it out. She's giving you all free advice that will help you decide which path to take—so take advantage!

In fact, this issue is packed full of fascinating advice from our freelancers!

Thank You to Freelancers

A big thank you goes out to: C. Hope Clark (our funds4writers columnist schools us this month! Hope, love the pics!), Suzanne Kamata for her fabulous interview with Wendy Tokunaga, Tracy Horan for sharing advice given to her by a career genie, Patricia Fry for showing us how to tap into the library system without using a checkout card, and Annette Fix, our tour guide, for gracing us with three invaluable articles this month! Super job ladies!


On another note, with traveling comes change. Not change in destination, but a change in tour guides. WOW! is saddened to announce that our esteemed Editor, Beryl Hall Bray, is no longer going to be with our publication, as she is pursuing her career as a freelance writer. We wish Beryl the best in all her endeavors! Beryl, you will be sorely missed by the WOW! team.

If you are seeking a dedicated writer to handle your publication's interviews, articles, and book reviews, please contact a WOW! expert:

And although Beryl is leaving her position, she's not leaving WOW! Women On Writing—she has two excellent articles in this month's self-publishing travel guide! So please check out her interviews with Arlene Uslander and Linda Wang!

Welcome to the WOW! Family Officially!

On that note, we pass the torch to our new WOW! travel guides and welcome them officially to the Editor's desk.

A Huge, Warm Welcome goes out to our new Editors: Jean Lauzier and Sue Donckels. Congratulations Ladies! Your talent and devotion to WOW! has earned you the respected position as Editors. We know great things are in store with the two of you navigating the SS WOW!


Jean Lauzier has loved books for as long as she can remember. As a youth she spent her school days reading the latest Stephen King Novel behind whatever textbook was handy and most nights reading under the covers with a flashlight. After graduation she joined the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic where she met her soon to be husband. Together they traveled often, started a family and eventually settling down in the small, east Texas town of Tenaha.

Now, she is learning how to write the kinds of books she loves. Jean is a graduate and student of Long Ridge Writer's Group. She is also the co-founder of StoryCrafters. Her short stories have appeared in several places including Long Story Short, SilverMoon Magazine and in the Christmas crime anthology, By the Chimney with Care. Soon she will have stories at Mysterical-e and Mouth Full of Bullets.

Jean invites everyone to stop by her website at and say hi. And be sure to check out StoryCrafters. We'd love to have you join us.


Sue Donckels used to write for a living in an academic sense, as a composition and rhetoric instructor. Today, she lives to write fiction, non-fiction, and any style in between and beyond. “I've always walked along a writer's path, yet early on I veered off onto the wrong fork,” she says. “My master's thesis on feminist dialogic silences in three 18th century British novels serves as a 21st century dust collector on my bookshelf.”

Sue lives near the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with one husband, pairs of kids and dogs, and bowls of dark chocolate and sweets for regular jolts of joy.


Announcing the All-Star Lineup

We are lucky to have such an amazing team!

CEO:  Angela Mackintosh

Editor:  Jean Lauzier
Editor:  Sue Donckels

Contributing Editor:  Annette Fix

Team Member:  Chynna Laird
Team Member:  Joanne Stacey
Team Member:  Cher'ley Grogg

Webmaster:  Glenn Robnett

We are in the process of revamping our Editor's Desk. New pictures and bios will be posted next month. Stay tuned!

Warmest regards,

Angela Mackintosh


Okay ladies, we get asked this every month, so here goes!

WOW! Writer's Guidelines

WOW! welcomes queries and submissions from its readers. Remember each issue focuses on Women, Writing and the monthly Theme.

Upcoming Themes:


Sept. Anniversary Issue
Oct. Children
Nov. Literary Agents
Dec. Authors


Jan. Readers
Feb. Romance
Mar. Small Press
Apr. Big Houses
May. Freelance Union

Columns, Word Counts and Pay Rates:

Twenty Questions   $50
Freelancer's Corner less than 750 Words $25
Freelancer's Corner up to 1,500 Words $50
How 2 1,500 - 2,000 Words $75
Inspiration 1,500 - 2,000 Words $75
Review 1,500 - 2,000 Words $50
Feature Articles up to 3,000 Words $150


WOW! pays within two weeks of publication by PayPal or check. When your submission is accepted, please send along an invoice with your social security number and payment preferences.

How to Submit:

You may either query or send the completed article in the body of an email. In the subject line add something like "Submission (or Query) for October Issue". No attachments please unless requested. Send email to

Web-friendly formatting:  we prefer 14pt Verdana or Times New Roman. Single-spaced.

Response times vary but we try to get back with you within 2 months. If you haven't heard anything after that time, please query.

Helpful hints:

Study the archives and familiarize yourself with what we have previously published and the WOW! voice.

If you aren't sure your piece will fit WOW!, query and let us look at it.

Follow our guidelines.


Remember we accept submissions for our Open Blog day. Your post must be about Women and Writing and close to 500 words. Be sure to include a short bio (about 100 words). Send them to No attachments please. Note:  we do not pay for blog submissions, we offer Open Blog day for writers' promotion.




“I was twelve years old when my mother passed away, and a friend gave me a journal to write in, as a substitute shrink. Although it was pond scum green with tired-looking brown horses on the cover, it came with a gold lock that only I owned the key to. That gave me the security to ‘lift my skirt up and fly’ and to never look back; except to edit, of course! Now, I just wonder which family member will be reading my crazy journals when I die, and if they’ll be auctioned off on Ebay.”

Angela owns a graphic design business in Orange County, is an award-winning artist and a published short fiction writer. She is currently working on a collection of intertwined short stories for a novel.




o matter which road you choose to make your publishing dream come true, one things for certain:  You're going to find bumps, potholes and maybe even a detour or two to make things interesting.

WOW! had the chance to share a bit of the journey with author Marie Lamba. Settle in, fasten your seatbelts and come along for the ride.

WOW:  Welcome to WOW! Marie. How about telling us a little about What I Meant… and what sets it apart from other Young Adult books on the market today.

Marie:  First of all, I'd like to thank you so much for featuring me here. I'm delighted you've given me the opportunity to speak with you and share my experiences with my fellow writers.

Okay, onto the book. My young adult novel What I Meant… is the story of 15-year-old Sang Jumnal, who is crazy about a guy, but her Indian dad won't let her date until she is 16, maybe. And her American mom, who usually sticks up for Sang, suddenly thinks she's a liar, a thief and a bulimic. Sang knows why. Her aunt, who has been living with them for the past few months, has been stealing food and money and setting up Sang to take the blame. But who will believe a 15 year old over an adult?

One huge thing that sets the book apart from others is that Sang is a biracial hero. We don't see too many of these, and when we do, the story often centers around, “Gee, I'm biracial, it's such a problem.” Sang is a typical teen whose life is flavored by her dad's Indian traditions, yet her problems are understandable to anyone: friends, boyfriends, family, fighting injustice, and the constant struggle of enduring hilarious and embarrassing situations.

“This book celebrates this truth.
Here a girl must fight to be believed...”

WOW:  Kids these days have so many things vying for their attention, from game consoles to sports. It's really hard to get them to read, especially teens. What makes your book so appealing to the young adult audience?

Marie:  Teens have long been clued into the fact that we adults are not perfect. This book celebrates this truth. Here a girl must fight to be believed, even when an adult is lying about her to everyone. And Sang's own mother admits to some flaws of her own. When all the truth finally comes out, it's a humbling moment for her parents, and a touching moment for Sang. I think this appeals to any teen who has told the truth, but for some reason wasn't trusted or believed.

In addition to this serious theme, the book has lots of wacky humor, so it's a fun read.

“I couldn't help thinking, what about this book?
I can't let it just die.”

WOW:  What I Meant… is being published by Random House, a major New York publisher. Can you tell us how you felt when you got the call letting you know you had sold your book and then share your thoughts when things took an unexpected turn?

Marie:  I remember when Random House first told me the book was accepted for publication, and for a two-book deal no less! I felt like I was in this perfect dream-like bubble. Everything in that bubble was sunshine and smiles. I walked around the streets of Doylestown, Pennsylvania smiling like an idiot, thinking I would wake up at any moment and it would all be over.

Then, a few days ago, I got a wake up call. The book's sequel was cancelled (even though it was completed). The paperback was cancelled. And the hardcover printing of What I Meant… was small. This news was received less than a month prior to publication (which is July 24th).

My wonderful agent Jennifer DeChiara was the one who called me. She kept reassuring me that I would be fine. That I would write other books. She was wonderful.

But I couldn't help thinking, what about this book? I can't let it just die. My agent loved it. My editor loved it. Readers will love it, and it will touch others. What about my character Sang's first kiss with Jason? What about her disaster friend Megan Chung, who practically chokes around guys, yet ends up with a boyfriend? What about the evil aunt getting what comes to her? And that lovely Indian Diwali scene when all the family finally comes together amid a hush of candles and hugs? If only I can get it into readers' hands…

WOW:  We can only imagine your feeling of loss. When did you find out things weren't going as planned? And were you given any explanation why Random House changed their original plan?

Marie:  Here's the spooky thing: I had no clue there was any trouble until Jennifer called me. It totally broadsided me.

From what I gather, the problem is that major bookstore chains did not order much of it, or passed on it entirely. I don't really know why. Perhaps it is because it is a clean YA, suitable for younger readers as well? I don't really know.

All the decisions to change the publication plan were based on pre-publication sales.

I'm hearing people in the field say,
“this never happens.”

WOW:  Unfortunately many decisions are "financially" based when you are with a major publisher. Have you heard of this happening often?

Marie:  I'm hearing people in the field say, “this never happens.” And “I've never heard of this.” But I'm no expert. This is my first novel, after all.

WOW:  Do you have a new plan of action for What I Meant…?

Marie:  I think the only course to take is to not give up. We as writers all know this path. We push ahead. We don't accept rejection letters as the end of a manuscript. Or criticism as failure. Sure it's all crushing, but we each must have a deep belief in ourselves and our visions.

“My hope is to get this book out into
the world, no matter what.”

My hope is to get this book out into the world, no matter what. I'm asking everyone to contact booksellers and ask about the book. I'm putting out pleas for people to preorder through independent bookstores, chains, and through amazon and The goal is to raise recognition and let the readers decide the fate of this book.

WOW:  You've completed What I Said…, the sequel to What I Meant… haven't you? What's going to happen to it?

Marie:  That's a good question. Right now it seems to be dead. That's so hard to wrap my mind around. I spent about six months writing it, working back and forth with my wonderful editor. It was just sent off for final copyediting and the cover design was just completed. Truthfully, the thought of it never appearing is heartbreaking.

But the world is fickle. If What I Meant… manages to succeed, it could only help the chances of What I Said… I guess the only way to keep sane is to focus on that.

WOW:  As you said, the publishing world is fickle, you never can tell what might happen. I know it's hard to focus on the good things at a time like this but have you learned anything that you can share with our readers?

Marie:  I have learned that when you need help in this world, you should definitely ask for it. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and touching. People are pre-ordering copies all over the place. Forwarding the news to everyone they know, and asking them to forward it. They are sending uplifting emails. I can't even begin to express how much this has touched my heart. Truly, I feel like George Bailey in the last scene of It's a Wonderful Life.

No matter what happens, I'll always know so many people care. That is like a cushion against all bad things.

WOW:  One of the things I've been amazed at is how willing other writers are to give, share, teach and encourage other writers. It's like a worldwide family connected by our writing. How can our readers help get the word out about What I Meant…?

Marie:  If everyone who sees this talks about What I Meant… to local booksellers and libraries and teens, and explains that this book is in trouble only because of the low presales, it will truly help. And the most important thing anyone can do is to order the book through their local bookstore, or When the book comes out July 24th, post reviews for it on Amazon, and share your thoughts about it with others.

WOW:  As we come to the close of our "ride along", do you have any advice you'd like to share with WOW! readers and other writers?

Marie:  The writing life feels a bit like a game of Candyland. You may think you are about to win, but you never know when you'll pull that dreaded Plumpy card and get sent back to the beginning. But if you stick with it, if you don't throw a fit and toss the game out the window, eventually you'll get through it, and perhaps even win.

My agent Jennifer DeChiara always talks about dreams coming true. I still believe dreams can come true, they just might not do it in a way that you had planned. I guess if I could whisper in the ear of every writer who is now staring at a rejection letter or filled with doubts about their abilities, this is what I'd say: “Never give up. Because if you do, then you know for sure success will never happen.”

I wish everyone joy and success with all their writing. We are all one huge community, so make sure you support each other.

WOW:  Thanks Marie for sharing a bit of the bumps and potholes on the publishing path with our readers. We wish you the best of luck with What I Meant… Now, I'm off to the bookstore to place an order!


About the Author:

Doylestown Borough resident Marie Lamba's first YA novel, What I Meant…, will be published in July 2007 by Random House Children's Books. She recently finished writing the sequel, What I Said…

In What I Meant…, 15-year-old Sangeet Jumnal is crazy about a guy, but her dad is from India and won't let her date until she's 16, maybe. Her American mom, who usually sticks up for Sang, suddenly thinks her daughter is a liar, a thief and a bulimic. Why? An aunt who has been living with them for the past three months, has been stealing money and food, and setting up Sang to take the blame. The novel is set in Doylestown, highlighting many local sites such as CB West High School, Planet Smoothie, the County Theater, and Coffee & Cream.

Lamba, a freelance writer and editor for 16 years, has more than 100 published articles. Her national magazine credits include Writer's Digest, Your Home and Sports International. She is married to Baldev Lamba, a native of India who is a designer of the First Ladies Water Garden on the Mall in Washington, DC. They have two children. With her husband, the author has traveled all over India, and written about her experiences for numerous publications such as Garden Design and Bridal Trends.

She holds a BA in English and in Literary Art (an individualized major combining writing and fine art) from the University of Pennsylvania.

Visit Marie's website:


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