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Spread Your Wings & Fly!

This month, for The Wings of Self-Promotion, we posed a question to our interns and contributing editors: What helps you as a writer or helps you at home?

Well, the results are in! And we're happy to say that each contributor has her own unique take on our vague question. (That's what makes it fun!)

The products they picked out are a delight, an insight into their personalities, and are definite MUST-HAVES. Enjoy!

Sue Donckels' Pick!

Hammond's Candies, since 1920

At no time in this life should we be without a jolt of joy from candy. Sweets not only spark an energy boost; they also give wings to a smile, curling our lips as we taste decadence at its best. During a summer trip to Denver, Colorado, I took my kids to Hammond's Candy Shop to explore. This wonderful old-fashioned American business gives tours to interested onlookers wishing to witness old-fashioned, handcrafting techniques.

It's amazing to watch as long-time employees pull, twist, and cut candy canes of all colors and sizes. But that's not all; they have lollipops, toffees, hard and soft candies, milk and bittersweet chocolates, creamy caramels, brittles, and more.

Backpackers Chocolates are unique gems sealed in hand-dipped wax casings to protect them from heat and weather. The list continues. But we narrowed our favorites down to a few: Mitchell Sweets, hand-made marshmallows bathed in caramel; Puff Pillows, hard candies that come in various flavors; Chocolate Gift Boxes, which come with an assortment of light and dark chocolates, filled with toffees, nut clusters, caramel.

Obviously, Hammond's offers too much to list in a short space. Visit their website to find the sweets that will give you your own jolt of joy!

Jean Lauzier's Pick!

Roll-Up Keyboard

For those of us who spend a lot of time at our desks and using our computers, this nifty item is a "must have". No more worrying about spilled drinks or crumbs in the keys. Just wipe them off and continue with your work.

  • Virtually indestructible
  • Dust- and moisture-proof
  • Great for traveling
  • Roll-up for easy storage
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lifetime: 15,000,000 keystrokes
  • WindowsŪ 98SE/Me/2000/XP compatible

Joanne Hirase-Stacey's Pick

The Creative Mind System

One thing that helps me as a writer is The Creative Mind System from The Relaxation Company. I used to procrastinate when I sat down to write and would think of a million other things I would rather be doing. Now I've created a ritual for myself so I don't waste any time, since time can be scarce! After a few weeks of using The Creative Mind System, I found that once the music starts, my brain automatically goes into a different place and my focus changes to my writing.

Cher'ley Grogg's Pick!

Digital Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders are the solution for busy writer who wants to record notes, meetings, and ideas without the fuss and bother of tapes. Mine has 5 folders. I use the folders for story ideas, to-do lists, current story notes, etc. One important feature is the hours of recording time. The DVRs range from the simple tape recorder style to the more elaborate models that can be plugged into your PC.

Well that was fun! Now I'm hungry for homemade candies, need a roll-up keyboard, some relaxing ambient sounds, and a digital voice recorder. Thanks ladies for sharing your Must-Haves with WOW!


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