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Personal Writing Utensils

By Susan Eberling

Regardless of how we order our thoughts or organize our lives, a few good tools can help us along the way. Must Haves this month includes some technically advanced innovations that catch writing and journaling up to the 21st century. Other items this month are age-old, tested standbys such as card stock stationery and a beautiful journal. So go ahead, browse and decide if you want to take the plunge into the latest gadgets for writers or simply enhance your current writing utensils.

Pulse Smartpen

Suppose you are interviewing a source, would it be helpful to record the conversation with a device as inconspicuous as the pen you are writing with? What if you could go back over your notes later, touch your writing, and listen to the exact moment when you took that note? The Pulse Smartpen, a new innovation from Livescribe, offers both those features and more. The pen serves as a recording device, complete with a microphone and, believe it or not, a built in speaker. An infrared camera takes 70 images per second and correlates your notes with whatever audio is being recorded. The pen comes with either 1GB or 2GB of storage space, special paper and a case.

Circa Simply Irresistible Sampling Kit offers this sample pack of the Circa organization system. The cost for the sample pack is $40 and, included in that price, is a $40 gift card to spend on other Circa products. (From reviews it seems the gift card is often spent on an attractive cover for the contents of the sample pack.) Among the many items the pack contains are planning sheets, storyboard sheets, tab and pocket dividers, to-do sheets, perforated 3x5 ruled cards and other items to help you organize your time and work.

Stationery for Women from Fresh Ink

Bring back the art of the handwritten letter with beautiful stationery from Fresh Ink. Designs come in plaids, dots, paisleys, stripes, animal prints, and simple monograms. All the cards can be personalized with your name and initials. (The personalization is included in the cost of the cards.)

Aspinal Refillable Journals

Aspinal of London provides envelope-style journals made of the highest quality Italian calf-skin. The journal cover wraps around to close with a leather tie and is hand bound by master craftspeople with skills that have been passed down for generations. The journals can be filled with luxury paper that comes in white or butter cream.

Ergo Sof PenAgain

This y-shaped pen is a good alternative for those avid writers whose hand gives out before their ideas do. The Ergo Sof PenAgain allows the weight of the hand, while in a more natural position, to press down on to the paper instead of pushing down with the muscles of your hand. The ergonomically designed Ergo Sof PenAgain may relieve the symptoms of writer’s cramp, Carpal Tunnel Sydrome, and arthritis.

Xtreme Journal System

The Xtreme Journal System puts a technical spin on journaling that allows users to not only write but also insert digital media such as photos, videos, links, and graphics into their entries. The system allows you to perform searches throughout all of your entries, group related entries together, make photo albums and create biographies of the people you know and love. The journal can be password protected and you can choose whether or not to make certain content encrypted.

Would you like to write about your favorite must-haves? Drop us a line. Let’s continue to inspire each other to reach our dreams!


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