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hen you think of earning the most money you can make as a writer using the least amount of words only one market comes to mind, the slogan market. This area can pay more top dollars per word than any other market. For example, I made $50 per word for a two word slogan.

The market in question is Kalan LP for which the guidelines can be located at:

Here you can also add your email address as a freelancer and be informed of new projects.

Fortunately, for me I am already on the list and got a call for submissions for lighter slogans. Somehow "lighter submissions" didn't quite make sense - until I read further. The slogans are to be put on cigarette lighters and hence I assumed whatever was to be said would have to reflect something to do with the topic of smoking.

Kalan gave examples of what they are looking for:

Man made beer, God made pot, who do you trust?
Stoned again

Now, one thing you have to know about Kalan is that they are risqué and edgy - and the more over-the-top the merrier it is. So, with that in mind I sat down and thought about what ideas I had just off the top of my mind geared towards their vein of humor.

Hmmm, maybe this wasn't going to be such an easy task after all. My mind was full of anti-smoking slogans, which would defeat the purpose of buying the lighter in the first place. So, I had to dig deeper to find something funny to say about smoking, fire and even cigarette lighters - which proved to be no easy task!

So, I began brain storming about smoking beginning with who smokes? What they smoke? Why they smoke? When they smoke? And, last but not least how they smoke, having answered all of those questions using an association of words I pieced my slogans together.

My first attempt "Smoking Hot" seemed too much of an obvious statement to make.

Then, "Smoking gets me high" - again another obvious statement - well depending on what you smoked. This led me into the affects of smoking; so thinking about the affects led me to think about the number one reason smoker's smoke, which is for an addition to nicotine, so this lead to:

"Nicotine Challenged"

I submitted this along with a few others to test the waters via email and waited. It took a while for a response but when it came it read, "Congrats!" and this particular simple two-word slogan was accepted by Kalan for their call for submissions for cigarette lighter slogans.

I had just made $50 per word, which is easily my highest pay-per-word rate thus far!

Writing for the slogans market is not an easy thing to do, but it is fun and it doesn't take too long to come up with starter slogans that can easily get you on a roll. Once you think about the topic and string a couple of words together to make a unique, funny quip write it down and send it. You never know which one is going to light the editor's fire!


Kalan LP
submissions to

Ephemera, Inc. (online submission form)


Nadia Ali ( went on to sell four more, "Lighter" ideas to Kalan! She is a Freelance Writer whose niche is in the travel industry. She has worked for Northstar Travel Media, Wcities, International Living and Time Out London.


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