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ave you ever seen an ad for a Long Ridge Writers Group Writing Aptitude Test? The test determines if you can enroll in their course. This approach makes them stand out among many, many writing courses available today.
Mulling it over, I realized all professions have academic standards. Trades have schools and apprenticeships to train people; but writing beckons us to participate without any preparation, other than minimal writing skills. For instance, most of us have written a grocery list, notations on a calendar and, when pressured, have even penned a letter to a favored relative. That's not the strongest background to bring to the keyboard.
But, how does someone sort through all the conflicting writing advice? Where can someone go to find the help needed, individually?
Taking the Long Ridge Aptitude Test made sense and yet, one had to wonder if they accept everyone capable of the aforementioned grocery list.
I checked the Long Ridge credentials and found them impeccable. However, what really sold me was how the students, past and present, rated them. I wasn't shy about asking students what they thought about Long Ridge and you couldn't buy the enthusiasm expressed. It verified that 97.7% would recommend the Long Ridge course to a good friend. You must check their website out: www.longridgewritersgroup.com, I think you'll be as impressed as I was.
Long Ridge exclusively offers the most effective teaching method. Each student pairs up with a personal instructor. To be able to work, one-on-one, with a consummate author for the entire course is the best way to learn how to write for publication. The student has someone with proven abilities who cares about her progress, and knows how to praise and correct very well. Moreover, she is with the student for the long haul.
Carmen Goldthwaite is one of many Long Ridge instructors that provides all the above and more for her students. She has won the coveted Gridiron Award for Investigative Reporting, two years in a row. I could list more, but you can access her information at www.longridgewritersgroup.com.
She has a reputation among her students for displaying her expertise, wisdom, enthusiasm and, above all, kindness and patience. In a quote from one of Carmen's letters to a student, she said, "I'm looking forward to joining your journey toward writing to make a difference. It's going to be fun helping you put feet on those dreams...let's get started." She never let her student down!
As each assignment progressed, the relationship, the backbone of the course, grows as the student studies and writes. The program allows the writer to gain a sense of what the instructor is looking for. Each assignment builds on the next, making it easier to incorporate what's learned. That is great, because no one wants to be told the same thing twice, if it can be helped.
Another beautiful part of the curriculum is giving the student someone to share her victories with, a knowledgeable instructor, who has earned her respect.
To write is a joy for dedicated writers, but to say that it doesn't require heart, brain, blood, sweat and tears would diminish the value of the finished piece. The one-on-one system eliminates feelings of isolation.
Ms. Goldthwaite is in good company, all of the Long Ridge instructors are professional, published writers or editors that have collectively written more than 20,000 stories and articles. Jointly, they've also published over 900 books.
Another well-published author, Mary Rosenblum is an instructor and the Web Editor for Long Ridge Writers Group. She hosts several group-writing sessions each week with varying numbers of current and past students. What an advantageous (and fun) way to flesh out all the student is learning.
Imagine, being able to go online, sit in on a live interview hosted by Mary, and ask any questions you have. Mary's an author of 7 novels and more than 50 short stories; nevertheless, she says there are no stupid questions, no questions that are off topic. She makes every student feel free to inquire about his or her concern. These sessions continue to fill students with knowledge and excitement to write, write, write.
Thirty years of teaching thousands of aspiring writers has given Long Ridge Writers Group the experience to help students find their writing niche-and break into print.
However, you know what "they" say: "the proof is in the pudding." You will be pleased to know that they have an incredible 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee. I encourage you to check out www.longridgewritersgroup.com and see if you like what you find.
Interesting, I know of two students that took the Aptitude Test and received their tests results, with specific remarks that indicated that they had received individual attention. Their experience confirmed that there is no rubber stamp teaching of students at Long Ridge. They submitted their tests to Long Ridge, while, in turn, these two writers tested Long Ridge out. Happily, all concerned came out winners.
Successful writers certainly have more going for them than simply taking an excellent course. They must also persevere, put forth 150% effort, exercise self-discipline and then add the great course with proficient, caring fellow-writers like the Long Ridge instructors.
The mortar for holding these elements together is a writer's passion for writing, something that is so much a part of us that we don't want to open up to just anyone. Students reassured WOW!, "Long Ridge Writers Group proved worthy of my trust and more than fulfilled my expectations."
Note of interest: Angela and I had the privilege of meeting with Mary and a fellow writer, Louise Marley, for an exceptional hour while they were attending the World Science Fiction Conference in our home town, Anaheim, California.
Mary expressed her enthusiasm for a WOW! objective: Helping readers understand how important they are to the writer. You can look forward to their exciting interviews in our October issue.
Check the Long Ridge website out: www.longridgewritersgroup.com. You be the judge. I say you won't be disappointed.



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